Healthcare Information Systems Article Critique

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Healthcare information systems databases and architectural systems have been used in many countries. A number of reasons are associated with an increased usage of these systems in the healthcare. The aim of this paper is to critically analyze the concepts given by Vicky Liu, Jason Smith, Zi Hao Ng, William Caelli, Lauren May, Min Hui Lee, Jin Hong Foo and Weihao Li in the article published in 2010.

The article has mentioned that cross indexing systems are one of the most important activities in the healthcare systems. indexing systems make use of certain unique identifiers that are provided to the consumers of healthcare and healthcare providers based on which the indexing systems can be used to access medical records. The author has no doubt mentioned the importance of indexing systems but to start with, one of main fact that has not been mentioned is that indexing systems have been used in the healthcare systems since many years and since the beginning, perfection has been added in these systems realizing the fact that patient record privacy is more important. When the beginning of the article is read in detail, it can be seen that the importance of patient privacy has not been stressed and only preliminary attention has been given to yet an important issue.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Article Critique on Healthcare Information Systems Assignment

Second important fact that has been observed in the article is that there are two indexing structures introduced in the article and these include an introduction of employment of computer systems that are more 'trustworthy' and more secure so that the indexing can be performed on these computers in a safer manner, and secondly to make sure that the implementation of Healthcare Interface Processor is implemented in the healthcare systems so that it can be successfully integrated in the healthcare systems. These two systems are no doubt very important for the healthcare systems. However, there are a number of facts that have been ignored. first, high trust computer systems is the term mentioned by the author that is difficult to be understood firstly all the computer systems that have been deployed in the healthcare systems up till now are based on unique databases and secure servers that work in accordance to complete secrecy, authentication and high privacy laws. These computer systems are already no different from the ones mentioned by the author in the beginning of the article. Database architectures that are being used in the modern days by the healthcare systems are based on the laws of increased authentication and server security. This fact raises one important question for the author, what is the difference between the current models of databases/indexing systems being used in the healthcare systems and the 'trust' computers being introduced in the study. Second model highlighted by the author includes the integration of the healthcare interface processor that can easily connect many workstations in the healthcare systems for better and… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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