Healthcare Information Systems Case Study

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Healthcare Information Systems

Case Study Analysis: Healthcare Information Systems

In addition to the information presented in the case, MPCC must look carefully at cultural issues in the countries into which they intend to move. Just because patients in the United States like electronic communication with their doctors, and medical professionals find it convenient and helpful, does not mean the people in other countries would share that view. If there are some countries that are more receptive to the online doctoring, that is another reason to consider those countries - but one must be sure that both doctors and patients are "on board" with that style of medicine. If they are not, then MPCC could waste tremendous amounts of money on something that would not be beneficial, and that might not even get off the ground in specific countries. That would be detrimental to all involved in the process, and would stop MPCC from moving toward higher and more significant goals of patient care.

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2. To protect the security of the patients and doctors in an online setting, it is vital that MPCC protect its database. Different countries may have different rules about what has to be protected, and they will also likely have different providers for that protection. This is one of the first things that MPCC should investigate. Once the company knows the top security providers in each country into which it plans to move, it will be much easier for MPCC to focus on setting up the proper security. One of the main things MPCC must address is how the security companies in different countries will work together to provide information to doctors in other parts of the world. If the security company does not know the regulations for releasing information in that country, MPCC must find a way to ensure that information that is not allowed to be released in a particular country is not released there simply because the security company did not know all the medical guidelines.

TOPIC: Case Study on Healthcare Information Systems Assignment

3. MPCC should keep its existing database and… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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