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[. . .] According to a published report on the policies that govern performance reviews,

"The Level 2 process involves the VMO completing a Level 1 performance review form and forwarding it to the nominated person in accordance with the process set out above. The public organization must then nominate at least two reviewers to undertake the Level 2 review. They should include the supervisor/manager of the VMO (usually the relevant Head of Department or Divisional Director unless that position is held by the VMO being reviewed) and, as appropriate, the relevant hospital Director of Medical Services, Divisional Director, or a medical administrator. A VMO who has objections to the reviewers who have been appointed may put a request to the relevant Chief Executive that the persons appointed as reviewers be changed ("Visiting Medical Officer (VMO) Performance Review Arrangements")."

Both the performance reviews and the rules that govern reappointed are essential to having some control of the VMOs who are selected for various positions and the ability of VMOs to maintain their positions. It is crucial that patients receive a high quality of care in any facility that they are visiting. The purpose of the overall healthcare reform is to guarantee that the healthcare is not only available to the population but that the healthcare is also efficient and beneficial to the patients.

Change management will also be an essential component in dealing with these challenges. For instance, within the public hospital setting, it may be difficult for some of the current employees who have only operated under the old system, to understand the different requirements of the new system. It may also be difficult for them to accept doctors who are independent contractors, particularly if they have only worked with hired doctors in the past. Therefore management must be aware of the various adjustments that must be made in order to make hospital staff, nurses and conventional doctors feel more comfortable with the process. Management must ensure that all members of the medical community governed by the district are on the same page so that the delivery of care will be consistent regardless of the facility where the care is given.

Resource implications

At the current time there have already been some concerns as it relates to the amount of resources available within the district. Some aspects of the reappointment process may require additional resources associated with handling the process of selecting VMOs. There must be a concerted effort to make certain that the available resources are used properly and used in a manner that guarantees the maximum efficiency.

Additional financial backing may be needed to properly train staff and nurses concerning providing consistent care. Small workshops or meting should assist with ensuring that all the medical professionals understand the need for VMOs and the purpose that they serve at the facility. Failure to do so may create tension between VMOs and those that assist them if the issue of consistency is not addressed in a formal way. Resources must be allocated as it pertains to this issue.

Performance reviews are also essential to the success of VMO pressence at the district's facilities. The cost associate with the review will not be enormous because the forms are available on the internet and they can be printed as needed which reduces waste. However, personnel will be needed to ensure that all of the requirements of the review are met, this is particularly true for the level 2 evaluations which are more complex. As such funds need to be allocated to pay for any extra expenses associated with personnel needed to complete the reviews.

Possible management strategies

Management must be prepared to handle the recruitment, selection and finalization processes that will be an aspect of the Quinquennium. This means that staff must have the proper competencies such as organizational skills and interviewing skills. That is the staff selected to handle the reappointment process must have the ability to keep all the information concerning the VMOs organized properly according to their specialties. In addition any staff that is responsible for interviewing and selecting VMO's must have the ability to ask the proper questions to ensure that the most competent doctors are selected.

Capital funds-funds reserved for the purchasing of capital or fixed assets-must be carefully managed. Failure to do so can be extremely problematic for the facilities within the district. Management must take survey of its entire inventory to determine what type of equipment will need to be purchased in the near future. Additionally the district needs to determine if land needs to be purchased so that new facilities can be built. Capital funds are limited and as such they must be managed in a way that ensures that the maximum benefit is realized.

Having the proper operating funds are also essential to healthcare reform and the form of outsourcing discussed in this report. Operating funds are utilized to pay for operating expenses such as payroll, employee benefits and pensions. Operating funds are essential for the daily operations of any healthcare facility. As such the district must stay abreast of the operating expenses of each of its facilities and properly manage these funds so that the facilities can remain open.

During this time the lines of communication must remain open and staff has to understand what is required of them. In addition supervisors and managers must ensure that they effectively communicate with staff and that any concerns are addressed in a professional and timely manner. Failure to do so may result in the selection of doctors who are not competent and as such the mission and goals of healthcare reform in the country might go unfulfilled.


The purpose of this internal report was to provide an analysis and overview of the Visiting Medical Officer (VMO) Quinquennium (reappointment) Process. The research indicates that the process is a type of outsourcing in which VMOs act as independent contractors in providing care at public hospitals. This process is design to find and recruit the most qualified specialists in a myriad of different field to provide care to the growing patient population. The VMOs are required to undergo a level 1 performace evaluation each year. In addition those who are appointed to serve three years or more are expected to undergo a level 2 evaluation which is much more complex. The research indicates that management must properly handle capital funds and operating funds if the process is to be successful. The ultimate aim of the reappointment of VMO's is to provide the public with the healthcare that it deserves at a rate consistent with the growth of the aging population. This type of outsourcing is one of the ways in which this goal will be accomplished.

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