Healthcare Management Health Care Essay

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However, insurance companies feel exploited because much of their premiums, 85% is used in enhancing quality care (OECD, 2011). This provision can garner support because it promotes a healthier nation through provision of quality care, but it can as well be rejected by those in support of insurance companies.


The proposed health care reforms taking effect in 2011 addresses post -- acute and long-term care, and the insufficiency of financing, lack of care coordination, lack of community and home-based services and poor quality care. The reforms taking effect in 2011 function to enhance provision of affordable and accessible care for the seniors, disabled and children covered under Children Health Insurance Program. These reforms also provide preventive care for those enrolled under Medicare. However, the proposed reforms do not include other millions of people who remain uninsured and, as a result; I would redesign them to include all citizens in efforts of the facilitating provision of universal care.


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TOPIC: Essay on Healthcare Management Health Care Management Assignment

Gray, V., & Benz, J. (2013). Interest groups and health care reform across the United States. Georgia:…
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