Healthcare and Management Research Paper

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Healthcare and Management

As you reflect at the completion of your graduate program, what are the most effective skills and personal attributes that you most need to develop in the next 3 to 5 years?

Developing effective management skills in order to deal with specific challenges and problems of an organization is an urgent needs of many businesses and organizations in today's global competitive environment, rapid changing of technology and environment. Training and development of successful organizations over the world today is focusing on developing effective skills in dealing with specific challenges within their own organizations in order to reach their own mission and objectives (Francis, 2007).

Proper management is vital in order to succeed in these complex environments. The quality of manager and effective management styles can determine the culture of the organization, the productivity of its staff, and in the end its success or failure. A manager needs to have the ability to direct, supervise, encourage, inspire, and co-ordinate. Managers have to develop their own leadership qualities along with those of others. Management utilizes planning, organizational and communications skills. Other skills that are important in leadership are qualities such as integrity, honesty, courage, commitment, sincerity, passion, determination, compassion and sensitivity (Francis, 2007).

An effective manager needs to have the following skills:

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1. Creative Problem Solving Skills: They must be able to describing and analyzing a problem, identifying causes of a problem, developing creative options and choosing the best course of action, and implementing and evaluating effective and efficiency of the decision.

2. Communication Skills: These skills include being able to listen, being able to present, cultivating feedback Skills and having the ability to write effective reports.

Research Paper on Healthcare and Management Assignment

3. Conflict Management Skills: Being able to identifying sources of conflict both functional and dysfunctional conflicts is important. Good mangers must have a good personal style of conflict resolution. They must be able to choose the best strategy for dealing with a conflict, and be able to develop skills in promoting constructive conflicts in organization and teams.

4. Negotiation Skills: Good mangers must be able to identify common mistakes in negotiation and ways to avoid them. They must develop rational thinking in negotiation, and be able to developing effective skills in negotiation that benefits all parties that are involved.

5. Self-Awareness and Improvement: Good mangers must understand the concept of self-management. They must be able to evaluate the effectiveness of self-management, develop creative and holistic thinking, understanding the importance of emotions in works as well in self-development, understand self-motivation and effectively managing self-learning and change (Francis, 2007).

Other qualities that I believe that I need to work on developing include: being a good planner, being a good communicator, having lots of enthusiasm, being competent, developing the ability to delegate tasks, enhancing my team building skills, developing the ability to recognize and deal with problems and having good listening skills.

In order to be an effective manager one must know themselves, their strengths and their weaknesses. One must know their objectives and have a plan of how to achieve them. They must build a team of people that shares their commitment to achieve those objectives, and they help each team member to achieve those goals by doing their best (Francis, 2007).

The ability to be a good manager is not something that someone is born with. It is a highly coveted skill that one must learn. Everyone has some of the basic skills that are required. Each person must take a long look at themselves and figure out which skills that they already posses and which ones they need to develop. Becoming an effective manger takes many hours of dedication and gumption in order to get it right.

Assume that you (as a newly minted graduate of a health care program) have been invited to give a presentation to a local civic association on the major issues facing the health care industry over the next 5 years. Identify and rank order the five (5) key points that you would emphasize to the group. Briefly indicate your rationale for choosing and emphasizing each point.

1. Uninsured Americans

It is currently estimated that over 46 million Americans are currently uninsured. Most uninsured people go without insurance because they feel that it costs too much. Many Americans have given up on health care insurance and simply just go without. Not having insurance finds people neglecting well visits to the doctor. Preventative medicine is essential for good health and long life. Without regular checkups and childhood vaccinations, individuals and society as a whole may suffer. The problem of uninsured people drives up cost while lowering quality for everyone (5 Little-Known Giant Health Care Issues Facing the United States, 2007).

2. Obesity

Reports from 2005 indicated that 64.5% of American adults were overweight to some degree. Currently, obesity rates are even higher and are expected to grow exponentially. The health risks that are involved with obesity are numerous. These include high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes and heart disease. According to an article in the Journal of the American Medical Association, in 2005, obesity-related illnesses kill over 112,000 Americans each year. The CDC links obesity with over 300,000 deaths per year (5 Little-Known Giant Health Care Issues Facing the United States, 2007).

3. Pharmaceutical companies have too much control

The rising costs of prescription drugs have become very devastating for the Medicaid and Medicare programs. This is causing many doctors to stop accepting patients who have this type of coverage. High prices have also gravely affected AIDS Drug Assistance Programs, leaving many HIV / AIDS patients without life-saving medications (5 Little-Known Giant Health Care Issues Facing the United States, 2007).

4. Hospital Staff Shortages

The nationwide shortage of hospital personnel that is currently taking place has left many health care workers overworked and exhausted. When people are tired and overworked mistakes occur, sometimes with deadly consequences. Many hospital workers are also being asked to cover areas where they have little experience which also leads to mistakes. It is hard to know for sure how many medical errors occur in American hospitals each year. Yet, the Institute of Medicine estimates that 7000 people die each year in America from medication errors alone (5 Little-Known Giant Health Care Issues Facing the United States, 2007).

5. Veterans Are Being Neglected

A recent Harvard / Public Citizen report found that, as of 2003, 1.69 million veterans were without medical insurance or regular care from Veterans Health Administration (VHA) facilities. Those who earn too much money to qualify for VHA services, and don't have enough to afford private insurance, find themselves in a no win situation. Others that do qualify for free VHA services often sit on long waiting lists while suffering from a chronic condition or disease (5 Little-Known Giant Health Care Issues Facing the United States, 2007).

In 2005 the U.S. government admitted that the Department of Veterans Affairs was lacking $1 billion to operate with maximum efficiency. Since that time, organizations like the American Legion and the Paralyzed Veterans of America have been working overtime to try and make changes on Capitol Hill. The fact still remains though that many veterans, even those maimed in combat have been all but abandoned by our health care system (5 Little-Known Giant Health Care Issues Facing the United States, 2007).

Given the very wide range of information that you have been exposed to throughout your graduate program, develop a question that allows you to explore a topic related to leadership that is important to you (it could be something that you have learned a good deal about and need to organize your thinking, or it could be something that interests you but needs some research and/or thought). You must also answer the question.

How is the best way to motivate team members to do the best job possible that they can do? What skills are needed and what are the best approaches?

Being the leader of a team of individuals can be a very rewarding experience and yet a very challenging one all at the same time. Knowing how to be a good team leader takes some very special skills that have to be nurtured and developed by those who want to be managers. These skills often include:

1. Involvement - many employees want to be involved in the ongoing development and progress of their company. They often have insightful ideas that can make a significant difference in the company if only some one would ask them.

2. Communication - employees want regular updates on the progress of the business and their personal performance. Good team leaders use memos, email, telephone, and one-on-one and group meetings to keep your team apprised of changes, updates, new products, and personal performance.

3. Celebration -- it is important for a good team leader to recognize and celebrate both individual and team performances. If they catch people doing something right and focus on recognizing excellent performance it will help to improve performance from everyone. Providing positive reinforcement by… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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