Healthcare Organizations Health Organizations Patient Essay

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For there to be service provision that has quality characteristics, then factors like implementation, monitoring, and planning, maintaining and even analysis of processes of care delivery have to be efficiently provided, as this will lead to effectiveness (Joint Commission Resources, 2006).

Patient Safety

In the process of attaining high levels of patient safety, there has to be prior identification of the potential risks surrounding the patient, and any actual risks thereafter. The causes of the risk have to be ascertained, and then safety measures could then be implemented. The safety of patients also includes the counter measures in case of health related emergencies experienced by patients.


For effective survey results, all sections of the tracer worksheet have to be noted and then analyzed. If there is a reasonable approach to the patient data, then the information retrieved has to be sufficient in assisting the Joint Commission come up with efficient compliance regulations. The implementation of the aspects such as right strategies for communication, and enhancing the quality of services is what leads to patient satisfaction in terms of care. All aspects are equally indispensable, especially if they fall under the Priority Focus Area.


Joint Commission on Accreditation Health, (2011). 2012 Standards for Long-term Care. Illinois: Joint Commission Resources.

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Joint Commission Reports, (2006). The Joint Commission's Unannounced Survey Process. Illinois: Joint Commission Resources.

Joint Commission Resources, (2007). 2008 Comprehensive Accreditation Manual for Long-term Care (CAMLTC). Illinois: Joint Commission Resources.

TOPIC: Essay on Healthcare Organizations Health Organizations Patient Assignment

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