Healthcare Practitioners as Well as Other Professionals Essay

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Healthcare practitioners as well as other professionals must know how to deal with statistical data in order to do their jobs on a daily basis. As Rumsey (2003) points out, professionals are presented with statistical data and claims constantly and they must be able to understand how such claims are formulated and whether they are accurate in order to decide what to do about the information presented in such claims. This brief paper will outline some of the most important factors that professionals must understand and apply in order to make practical use of statistics in their work obligations.

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Perhaps the first and most important information a professional must have about statistical claims is how the data was gathered and what methodologies were used to crunch the numbers. While the practitioner doesn't necessarily need to know how data was coded or what formulas were used in order to analyze results, a basic understanding of both factors will help the practitioner see if there any red flags in the data. For example, claims that are made about etiology of diseases should be performed under controlled conditions with suitably large and varied populations to ensure that the data is accurate. A study that relies on self-reporting of symptoms in the form of a survey may be adequate for an exploratory study, but not for making determinations about scientific bases for disease or treatment. Therefore the practitioner must understand the difference between quantitative and qualitative research and must know that quantitative research, when conducted with appropriate controls and adequate methodologies can make stronger claims about causal factors.

Essay on Healthcare Practitioners as Well as Other Professionals Assignment

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