Healthcare Programs Article Review

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¶ … healthcare access, quality, and costs have been vocally addressed. This is because of the growing concerns by the consumers of these services. A number of scholars have conducted research on the effectiveness of health care programs. They have also looked on how these programs can be improved. However, as this happens, the issue of awareness and acknowledgement of quality healthcare as an essential aspect of life has received less attention. The article titled "Social marketing in healthcare" by Aras (2011) addresses this concern as shown in this study.

Review of the Article

The article advances the importance of Social marketing in healthcare. For effective delivery of healthcare services, Aras (2011) indicates that a background of social market is necessary. The article further suggests that the success of any healthcare program is dependent on the participation level of the consumers. According to the author, the principles of social marketing are indispensable in the process in order for healthcare providers and policy makers to design and implement efficient healthcare programs (Leslie, 2004).

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The article reviews other literatures in projecting the benefits of embracing social marketing in healthcare. Various research studies were conducted to establish the necessity of social marketing in the healthcare field. The results captured in the article found social marketing as a crucial aspect in designing healthcare programs; it aids the selection of the right product vis-a-vis the healthcare needs of the community. It also aids the right healthcare program at the right place (positioning). Social marketing helps the healthcare providers and policy makers to develop the right strategy of promotion of the given healthcare program. Finally, social marketing assists the healthcare providers to develop the right price for the healthcare products and services offered by the program, which makes these programs effective and sustainable.

TOPIC: Article Review on Healthcare Programs Assignment

The article suggest that the right products have to be selected using the right promotional strategy and at the right price in order to attain satisfactory results. However, along with favorable factors such as institutional sustainability, financial sustainability and market sustainability social marketing will be a success. Thus, article ascertains the likelihood of effectiveness of the principles of social marketing and approaches towards the promotion of health. It further states that health care employees are required to respond and understand the desires of the public and realize their aspirations as they find a solution to the problems. Social marketing enhances the facilitation of relationships with consumers and ensures that their lives remain healthy though the optimization of public health (Leslie, 2004).

The article establishes the need to address the issues of product, price, promotion, and place in the delivery of healthcare programs; social marketing plays other roles in healthcare. These include ensuring that the institutional sustainability, financial sustainability, market sustainability of the healthcare programs is attained. The major findings of the article emphasize on the importance of healthcare workers to conduct social marketing through consumer research. This research will enable them understand and respond to the needs of the society. As a result, they will develop the best programs to attend to these needs. The last finding suggests that social marketing optimizes public health through building positive relations between consumers and healthcare workers and better health outcomes (Aras, 2011).

Timing and Title

This article was written last year amidst the popular healthcare debates on the issue of access and quality of healthcare. The issue of social marketing in healthcare is one of the recent developments in the wake of social marketing media development. In as much as the issue of access and quality of healthcare can be solved through increased access to healthcare insurance. The success of the programs intended to solve these issues depends on consumer research. Social… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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