Healthcare Reform Lowering Costs in Health Care Essay

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Healthcare Reform

Lowering costs in Health Care

Changes in the Health Care Act have sought to lower the costs of health care for Americans. Reports made available indicate that the only change that has seen the light of the day is the opposite of what we had expected. The changes have increased costs of care leading to increased complexities surrounding the already confused system. Collections of new pages about the regulation and higher taxes have led to enormous impacts on the small business community and American families. This has contributed significantly to the slow recovery of the stock market.

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Major non-partisan tax and budget authorities have confirmed that the Health Care Act has been amended to impose a trillion of dollars on innocent public members. Small employers and families have demonstrated that they cannot afford this. Similarly, they have been unable to afford the increase in taxes contained in the Act. From these tax changes, fifty percent has affected business owners and families earning below $300,000 per year. It has broken the trust with the job creators' community besides violating the pledge of the ruling government to avoid tax hikes on middle and low-income earners. Creator of job opportunities is likely to bear the burden of these taxes, which the government has tactfully disguised as a fee. Most of the fee under the insurance industry will be legalized and pushed to consumers of insurance in the disguise of higher premiums. When this fee was eliminated, it led to a reduction in the average family premium per year. However, most unions have been avoiding the tax imposed on families and small businesses. Reports have estimated that the tax will increase the health care premiums of each American family by approximately $600 per day. This is a huge sum for the citizens working hard to earn their money.

TOPIC: Essay on Healthcare Reform Lowering Costs in Health Care Assignment

Government documents have estimated that the changes in the health care Act have increased the level of paperwork for individuals per year. There are more changes in the offing, which reveal that these are mere low estimates. The mandate of the changes on the Law has further separated both the employee and the employer from their choices of health care. Some amendments have spelt out the requirements of the law that appropriate large employers should provide health care coverage according to the subscriptions of the government. This should be applied to all permanent employees or risk paying hefty penalties. Despite the fact the changes in the health care law have generated adverse impacts on families and small business owners, which have prompted multiple battles in the courts and congress, Americans have admitted the Act is here to stay. As much as people have accepted, it does not imply that they have resigned. For… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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