Healthcare Reform "Simkins v. Moses Essay

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A patient in a critical health condition faces a critical health risks if not admitted into the hospital.

Issues Hospital and Physician confront when Discharging a Patient

Issue a physician and hospital may confront when discharging a patient is to fully understand whether the sickness will not return after a patient has been discharged. A hospital might also consider whether the medications prescribed for patients have side effects. To prevent this occurrence, a physician and hospital should advice a patient to visit the hospital regularly for a medical follow-up.

Conducting illegal or Unethical Practices

A physician has an obligation to report an unethical practice. Unethical practice that violates a state license provision should be reported to the state licensing board.

"It is appropriate to report unethical conducts that violate the criminal statutes to law enforcement authorities. All other unethical conduct should be reported to the local or state professional medical organization." (American Medical Association, 2012 P. 5).

An appropriate authority should a chief physician because he is the person competent to take proper action and correct the unethical act.

Alternative to Peer Review

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Credentialing and re-credentialing should be an alternative to peer-review where a medical practitioner should be asked to undergo a professional practice evaluation every two years to assign them to specific patient's care practice. Typically, credentialing is an evidence-based validation of physician's skill, knowledge ability and behavior.

Good Samaritan Law

The Good Samaritan Law will make me to assist the victim and take the person to the hospital or call appropriate medical personnel. However, the case does not apply to a person or a professional who does not have a good intention to assist the victim.

Action for Patients refusing Care

TOPIC: Essay on Healthcare Reform "Simkins v. Moses Assignment

A physician should try to persuade a patient who refuses a treatment. In case the patient insisting that he should be transferred to another hospital, the hospital should use an ambulance to transfer the patients to the hospital of his choice. (Zibulewsky, 2001).


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