Healthcare the Role of the Healthcare Sector Term Paper

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The role of the healthcare sector has remained relatively constant throughout the past recent decades, but the means in which the players in the healthcare sector strive to attain their objectives has changed. One of the most relevant examples as to how the healthcare industry has suffered modifications refers to the role of the human resources.

External and in-house education

Within the healthcare industry then, the human resource is the most valuable resource, the single one able to ensure adequate patient care and support the health of the overall society. And as the role of the personnel continually increases, a question is being posed relative to the training and education of the staff members. When, on the one hand, the employees are sent for training outside the entity, they benefit from an ability to capitalize on additional expertise, but they might also be presented to information less relevant to the clinic in which they work. When on the other hand, they are trained in-house, the information to which they become exposed could be limited, but it would have the specific feature of being highly relevant for the respective healthcare unit and the position occupied by the respective staff.


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Another issue to be discussed at the level of the staff is represented by the authority, namely the formal and informal authority. The formal authority is characterized by the fact that it imposes norms and regulations with which the subalterns have to comply, whereas informal authority is generated through respect, admiration and credibility and it has the ability to influence behavior and attitude (Salvador, 2010). Informal authority is more so linked to mentoring and influencing, as well as with knowledge and expertise as source of authority. Whereas in the case of formal authority, this is more so linked to power, rather than an ability to motivate and influence.

Involvement of employees

Term Paper on Healthcare the Role of the Healthcare Sector Assignment

A recent trend has been that of implementing programs and cultures which focus on the staff member, including their integration in the decision making process. Such a course of action is supported by benefits of higher employee morale, as well as increased organizational access to various standpoints and potential solutions. Nevertheless, the success rates of this endeavor have generically been decreased as the communication is less effective upwards than it is downwards. The explanation for this would be constituted by the failure of the managerial team to listen to the input provided by the staff members.

Human resources management

In this increasingly complex setting, the role of the human resources department is an organization wide one, which includes every aspect of the relationship between the firm and the employee, from before the commencement of employment, and in the aftermath of the employee's living the firm. The members of the human resources department select those individuals who are best skilled and trained for the profession required, but aside from technical skills, they also assess the ability of the candidate / employee to become integrated within the working unit. The healthcare sector is extremely challenging, filled with traumas which take a toll on the lives of the staff members. The HRM department then ensures the healthcare professionals are best able to cope with the emotional and technical pressures of the job and support the organization in reaching its objectives. This great importance and role played by the HRM department constitutes the grounds for the need of the department to respond to the highest practical level in the organization.

HRM operations in healthcare institutions

In some healthcare organizations nevertheless, the role and responsibilities of the human resources department are completed by the actual medical staffs. These meet with the candidates, select the candidates, conduct the interviews and so on. This often occurs as a… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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