Healthcare System in South Africa Essay

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Moreover the constitution entitles the citizens of the country to gain access to the emergency medical treatment through government operated facilities. The constitution of the country defines that no citizen of the country will be refused from gaining access to the medical facilities of emergency nature. It is important to note that the government is focused to provide its citizen adequate healthcare facilities. The first step towards that is the provision of emergency medical treatment from the state. The white paper on the development of a national healthcare system was implemented in 1997. The core policy of the country is defined in the white paper outlining key steps for the country's healthcare services. The policy is primarily based on Primary Health Care (PHC). The strategy followed to provide adequate healthcare system is based on the District Health System (DHS) (Kawonga, Fonn&Blaauw2013). The district health system enables the government to provide healthcare facilities to most of its citizen under the national healthcare policy (De Haan, Dennill & Vasuthevan 2005).

Influences on public health outcomes:

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The influences on the public heath can be observed as the low income, decreasing health conditions, and lack of education. The country is severely hit several times with various diseases. It is still under the influence of increased number of HIV AIDS patients (Glynn et al. 2010). The virus is controlled through multiple efforts of international aid and local support. The education regarding the preventive measures for HIV is provided through NGOs and international healthcare organizations. It is necessary to educate individuals especially women regarding the issue. The international organizations are working closely with the government to provide adequate support to local communities.

TOPIC: Essay on Healthcare System in South Africa Assignment

The second major influence is the divide among the citizens talking advance of the private healthcare facilities and government provided healthcare services. The clear divide is frustrating for the public and it is essential for the government to reduce the amount of pressures and influences extend through parallel systems. The government can work closely with the doctors and physicians to reduce the burden on private clinics and try to sought a solution for unified system. The unified system can be governed through social security and healthcare system defined in the constitution of the country (Coovadia, Jewkes, Barron, Sanders & McIntyre2009).

Critical analysis of the pressures on the health care delivery:

The system is overcrowded by the huge population of the country. The government healthcare system is distributed through district healthcare system is also one of the major developments. However the country still lacks the support of adequate resources. The resources for providing healthcare system to complete population of the country require huge investments in healthcare system. The crumbling economic conditions at global level as well as at local levels create hurdles for the government to offer extensive health facilities (d'Hombres, Rocco, Suhrcke & McKee2010). The populations of the country had faced a clear white and black ethnic divide. The reconciliations have happened however the locations of ethnic divide are still a matter to be resolved. The country sides, villages, and suburban areas still lack adequate facilities for health and medical support as compared with the cities. The country has a wide divide in the buying power of the citizens.

The private healthcare system can provide adequate health facilities for the rich group of patients (Swilling2010). The poor are still relying on the government support which is not adequate as the growing age of population, lack of food, sanitation, and education about healthcare resources of pressure on the healthcare system of the country. The population of the country has gap regarding economic powers. The social security system adopted through the white paper of healthcare is not yet completely operational (Petersen, Lund, Bhana&Flisher2012). The system is also influenced by the increasing number of doctors and physicians going out of the country. The country is facing serious issues with the crime rate and complete reforms are required to provide adequate social facilities as a motivational factor for the community to refrain from going abroad to earn their livelihood.


The systemic divide among the countries of various regions is observed in terms of their economic, political, and social systems. Similarly the countries present in various locations are required to maintain heath care systems suited for their cultural and economic system. The countries providing healthcare to their citizens are also prone to multiple challenges. The global economic conditions of the world economy do not allow the states to extensively facilitate their citizens in healthcare.

South Africa is among developing countries where the governments are facing serious challenges in running parallel healthcare systems. The government operated facilities are present as well as the private healthcare units are also functional. The economic divide among common public is one of the disadvantage. The literacy level of the country is also not promising. The pressures on the healthcare system are observed through various diseases and lack of adequate education for healthcare. The international done organizations are facilitating the country to develop healthcare facilities and educate the citizen living in remote areas. The constitution of the country provides a brief understanding of the policy adopted healthcare along with the adoption of white pare for healthcare in 1997.


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