Healthcare in the United States Research Paper

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What can the United States learn from the case of India? The two nations seem to represent opposing extremes in healthcare. The United States needs to rein in costs on its existing healthcare infrastructure while India suffers from a lack of funding and poor infrastructure. The United States has extensive regulations governing private insurance and medical practice while India's consumers still pay direct fee for service payments to their loosely regulated physicians. The United States is overdeveloped, India is underdeveloped. Both, however, adopt free market principles for determining the price of medical services. The cost and complexity of U.S. healthcare has created a demand for affordable services that India meets through medical tourism at the expense of its own citizens. While medical tourism can be financially beneficial for a nation that lacks healthcare investment, India and the U.S. need to address concerns at home to properly care for the well-being of their respective populations.


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Research Paper on Healthcare in the United States Assignment

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