Essay: Healthcare Websites Soda Consumption

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[. . .] Also, it has not only access to many online libraries but it also has access to university libraries and allows me to browse through, read and buy the most recent books as well. The library also is a brilliant user of social media to conduct events which is a big attraction for me as it allows me to interact with others library users as well as like-minded people. It also allows me to contribute in volunteer work and have an active social life, not just inside the library but also outside it.

Dietary Supplements

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a dietary supplement? The dietary supplement, as defined by the congress, that an individual takes from the mouth as part of his/her diet in order to supplement or enhance it. The Dietary Supplements include combinations of individual supplements of vitamins, minerals, herbs, botanicals, acids, enzymes as well as metabolites amongst other things.

What is a "new dietary ingredient" in a dietary supplement? These are basically the components that make up the supplement.

What is FDA's role in regulating dietary supplements vs. The manufacturer's responsibility for marketing them? Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) initiated by President Clinton in 1994 was the first of its kind to take the dietary supplements structure a step forward and in the right direction towards extraordinary daily diet supplementary requirements in individuals. The main responsibility under FDA for any and all companies is to ensure that the supplements they are distributing or endorsing are safe for use. Only those supplements need FDA approval that fall under the new dietary ingredient category

When must a manufacturer or distributor notify FDA about a dietary supplement it intends to market in the U.S. DSHEA requires that the FDA must be notified for the manufacturing of any all supplements that fall under the category of new dietary ingredient. Whenever such a supplement is meant to be marketed within the United States, it cannot be marketed until and unless it has received the FDA approval first. The criteria of a component falling under the new dietary supplement are the responsibility of the manufacturer and/or distributor.

General Observations

Quackery within the context of healthcare and medical treatments is merely restricted to the promotion, misinformation or fraud of a certain medical treatment. Quackery is thus not related to the alternate modes of medication. Quackery is also not always deliberately promoted but also includes those individuals who are misinformed and on an individual level spread that misinformation in their family or friends. Quackery also includes a bad judgment call once by a doctor that becomes a general belief. Also, any and all medical practices that are conducted for attaining medical and health gain are not labeled as quackery either. Basically quackeries are those unproven actions that are taken for medical gain but can sometimes be more unsubstantial as opposed to useful.

Miss health topics

The most important website for me is the American Heart Association where the most useful link for me was healthcare/research link where I could look up the most recent research studies on the cases of heart and keep myself updated as heart condition is hereditary in my family. Also, other links which I found useful included the conditions and caregiver as they gave the information I needed if I ever had a concern about my heart condition and needed to define what it was or needed a consultation.

Answers to healthcare questions

Getting help for my child: all youngsters 21 years old or younger are eligible for Medi-Cal, if and when the child is citizen or resident of the state of California, and when the family earnings are following the criteria set by Medi-Cal

Getting help for adults: The adults can get Medi-Cal if and when: they have a child under 21 years of age, are a pregnant teen or adult, they have a disability or long-term illness, they are over the age of 65, they have cancer -- cervical, breast or prostate

Getting help for seniors and people with disabilities: the seniors are low income earners, have disabilities, long-term illnesses, are over 65 years old, or are any age but suffering… [END OF PREVIEW]

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