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405). Oguntibeju et al. determined that nutritional intervention can strengthen the immune system, replace lost micronutrients and reduce the severity or impact of opportunistic infections (p. 406) which would go a long way towards helping both Levi and Steve regarding their overall health.

The results of one recent study may help Steve since it provided evidence that assisted those with emotional tensions. The study determined that "emotional tensions are the series of intermittent fears and/or worries that learners experience and which, sometimes may impede their abilities to learn maximally especially when they are stressed" (Osiki, 2009, p. 48).

Much of the emotional tension that Steve is experiencing seems to be worry about his lack of social contact, his loneliness for home and the worries he experiences based on the family at home needing him.

This stress could be the underlying reason behind his drug use; not addressing this issue could exacerbate the situation and further complicate his drug use. Osiki recommended a number of options including the teaching of behavior techniques, psychotherapies and skills empowerment and acquisition while Kame'enui et al. stated that using psychotherapies such as Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) has shown to be quite effective in addressing emotional problems such as the ones being experienced by Steve.

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The help and assistance that both Steve and Levi can access in a society like the one found in America is much more abundant than what can be found in other cultures and areas where drug abuse and the HIV / AIDS virus is prevalent. Other cultures have a much larger problem with providing help for individuals with mental conditions, nutritional aspects of dealing with diseases and a general healthcare system that is not up to the exceptional standards found in the United States.

Term Paper on Healthcare the World Health Organization Assignment

Both Steve and Levi can benefit from talking with mental health professionals, as well as professionals that deal with nutrition and drugs. Neither seem to have an overwhelming drug addiction level (as of yet) but both are teetering on the brink; one due to mental depression over a morbid disease, the other affected by an overall depressive state sometimes developed by those young people first experiencing life outside the familial hearth.


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