Healthcare World Industries Memo Term Paper

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¶ … Healthcare World Industries

The Healthcare Industry

Recent developments in the health care industry include rapid deployment of technological advances, which have enabled new procedures and methods of diagnosis and treatment. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, clinical developments including "infection control, less invasive surgical procedures, advances in reproductive technology and gene therapy for cancer treatment, continue to increase the longevity and improve the quality of life of many Americans." (2007) the U.S. Department of Labor states that shaping the industry of health care is cost containment.


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The role of health care in today's global health care industry is to continuously adapt, learn, and expand within their roles in providing healthcare in today's challenging health care industry due to today's complex and unhealthy environment. New diseases as well as new cures are in the news on a daily basis and so never-ending is the news in the fields of Science and Health, only the brave dare to keep abreast of the latest developments other than those in the chosen field in which the individual pursued an education and then entered into a career in. Therefore, it can be understood that today's health care environment is one fraught with high levels of stress as well as the dangers of disease faced by health care workers in addition to other factors that will be introduced in the following sections of this memorandum on the global health care industry. In order to genuinely understand the role that the health care industry plays in today's world there are a couple of specific issues to consider in terms of the challenges faced by the health care industry.


TOPIC: Term Paper on Healthcare World Industries Memo Assignment

One of the challenges that the health care industry faces in today's globalized society is the transmission of disease and infection throughout the global due to more frequent, extended and long-distance travel than historically. Often, the spread of disease results in pandemics in which a great many become very sick and even dying due to lack of health care. The work entitled: "Business Continuity Planning for the Global Healthcare Industry" published January 2007 relates 'six key contingency plans' in case of a pandemic: (1) leadership and decision making; (2) Human Resources identification of critical workforce for continued operations; (4) Remote work and social distancing; (5) employee wellness; (5) education; and (6) communication. (International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Associations, 2007) it is related that… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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