Heat Deaths and Illnesses Post Katrina Reforms Research Paper

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Heat Deaths and Illnesses/Post-Katrina Reforms

Heat related deaths are completely preventable. All a person needs to avoid dying from the heat is to remain at a temperature where that person can function normally and not be injured by the weather. However, even with that common knowledge there are many people who die every year of the heat (Harmon, 2010). Some of these deaths take place because there are people who do not listen to weather forecasts and take them seriously. They go out in the heat and run or jog or work, and they fail to take proper precautions. Sometimes, heat related deaths occur because people do not have enough money to have air conditioning and fans. They keep their doors and windows closed even when it is incredibly hot because they live in neighborhoods where there is lot of crime. They do not trust or know their neighbors, and they do not feel that leaving their doors and windows open is something that is safe in any way for them. Not everyone who dies from the heat has these kinds of problems, but they are common (Harmon, 2010).

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Education is part of what can be done to ensure that people do not die from the heat (Harmon, 2010). When people do not realize the dangers and they do not take proper precautions in the heat (like taking frequent breaks, drinking a lot of water, and getting to a place that is shaded or that has air conditioning), they can get very sick and even die (Harmon, 2010). For people who are housebound, help is needed to get them out and to a cooling station. It is also possible to get air conditioners and fans for these people, so they do not have to leave their homes but can cool down and avoid becoming very sick from the heat. There is no possible way to stop every heat related death, however, because there will always be people who will not worry about the weather report or who will think it will not happen to them. There are also people who are far too proud to ask for help, and they can also end up dying because of the heat.

Research Paper on Heat Deaths and Illnesses Post Katrina Reforms Assignment

Hurricane Katrina was a devastating storm that struck New Orleans, Louisiana. New Orleans is a city built below sea level and right on the Gulf of Mexico… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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