Heaven on Earth by Robert Schenkkan Term Paper

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Heaven on Earth - Robert Schenkkan

Robert Schenkkan is a playwright and an actor, known for appearances in television shows such as Star Trek: The Next Generation. This paper presents a brief biography of Schenkkan, focusing on his writing, with an emphasis on the play Heaven on Earth.

Aside from Heaven and Earth, Schenkkan has written eight full-length plays. He is most known for The Kentucky Cycle, a play which premiered at the Intiman Theater in Seattle, WA and for which Schenkkan was recognized with the Pulitzer Prize. In addition, the playwright also won the Best Play award from the PEN Center West and the Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle. He also received nominations for a Tony Award, as well as the Drama Desk and the Outer Critics Circle Award.

Schenkkan's play Heaven on Earth is an earlier work, which premiered in 1989. The play was first staged off Broadway, at the WPA Theater to rousing reviews. Heaven on Earth is a play in the comedy drama genre, with a total of only six characters. Through their interactions, Schenkken shows the story of how Waylon, a tiny town in West Texas, became an evangelical Mecca for the faithful.

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The play is set in a small town in West Texas, in the present day. Bobby, the lead, lives with his grandmother Martha. For the past 30 years, Martha has worked in the local beauty shop to support her grandson, who was only a boy when he survived a car crash that killed his mother. Bobby tried in vain to make a living, but always ended up returning to live with Martha, where he ended up drinking. The two are stark contrasts, with Martha maintaining a strong optimism and belief in God, while Bobby seemed to be angry at God over his parents' death.

TOPIC: Term Paper on Heaven on Earth by Robert Schenkkan Assignment

Bobby's latest business venture -- a used appliance shop on Martha's front lawn -- fails once more, leading to an argument between Bobby… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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