Hedda Gabler Essay

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Hedda Gabler

In the beginning of the play, there's a lot of expository dialogue between Miss Tesman and Bertha. Ibsen's goal here is clear, give the reader insight into the nature of the main characters, George and Hedda.

For example, Ibsen gives the reader little nuggets like when Bertha says of Hedda, "For there's no doubt that she's tremendously particular." Miss Tesman replies by noting that Hedda is "General Gabler's daughter" an issue of notable importance because the play is titled Hedda Gabler, not Hedda Tesman - despite the fact that she is indeed married and is referred to as Hedda Tesman within the context of the play.

Another subtle but telling remark with is when Bertha says of George, "Well he can be made whatever he likes, he can. He is so clever. But I should never have believed he would have taken to curing people."

Miss Tessman responds by saying, "No, he is not that sort of doctor. [Nods significantly.] Besides, who knows but what you may soon have to call him something grander still.

There's a lot going on in this little exchange. One thing the reader immediately realizes is that George is clever, but he is also presumably selfish. He is not the type of person who would be willing to help the sick. Miss Tesman confirms he is, indeed, not that type of doctor, but nevertheless he has ambition to pursue something even more ambitious and renowned. This is underscored in the latter half of that last line "something grander still."Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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