Hellenistic Philosophy the Skeptics View A-Level Coursework

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According to Plotinus anxiety is experienced by the separation of like and like. As the individual transcends from the material world through the Soul to the One, he comes closer to the ideal of purity, unity and eternity. This enables him to eliminate the anxiety by attaining the highest state of goodness.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: A-Level Coursework on Hellenistic Philosophy the Skeptics View Assignment

10. The Hellenistic concept of tranquility is termed as ataraxia, which is a freedom from anxiety and disturbance. It signifies a state of content with one's fortune and fate. Various schools of philosophers have attempted to discover the path to the Hellenistic ideal of mental tranquility and have presented conflicting theories. According to the Hellenistic philosophers the pursuit of Hellenistic tranquility requires the pursuit of knowledge that is attainable and that helps in relieving mental anxieties. The Skeptics advocate a suspension of judgment and moderation in affect to avoid anxiety about the truth of things. The Stoics on the other hand adopt a dogmatic approach. The Epicureans focus on the pursuit of pleasurable experiences to avoid anxiety. The price to be paid for tranquility varies under each philosophy varying from avoiding the search for the truth to relying on established principles to undertaking the search on the strength of free will. Depending on which philosophy one subscribes to, the attainment of a state of inner peace and contentment…
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