Henry Gray Anatomist Author Essay

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The book was particularly useful as a result of the fact that readers could use both its writings and its illustrations in their endeavor to learn more concerning the human body. Gray's collaboration with Carter resulted in one of the best known books written in regard to anatomy. Mid-Victorian London saw two ambitious young men as they struggled to set the basis for their careers in a society that would appreciate their abilities. The manuscript was completed in approximately three years, from the moment when Carter and Gray first met at Saint George's Hospital.

The medical world acknowledged Gray's abilities as an anatomist and many in the field considered that he was likely to have a thriving career in the domain as a consequence of his intellect. His book made it possible for him to be recognized for his talent and influenced those in charge of Saint George's Hospital to present him with a job as Assistant Surgeon in the institution. In spite of this, the fact that Gray was concerned in infectious diseases at the time and in how they affected the body from an anatomical point-of-view led to his death at 34. He chose to study this field through analyzing his dying nephew and ended up getting smallpox.

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The fact that Gray managed to enter a world of experienced individual at a young age demonstrates that he was different from the masses and that he was capable of performing great things in the field of medicine. His book was continuously published ever since 1858, the year when it first got out. It is probable to be the best-known medical manuscript in all of history, considering its history and the fact that it is present in almost all medical communities. Most medicine students are likely to be familiar with "Gray's Anatomy" and it is generally recognized as providing them with information that is essential for their development as doctors. It is certainly difficult to think about anatomy in general before "Gray's Anatomy" was written.

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Gray's work has made it possible for medical students today to relate to a standard text that can assist them in their field of work. His contribution to the medical world is certainly inestimable, especially given that he can virtually be considered responsible for the millions of lives that were saved as a consequence of the fact that doctors were familiar with his texts.

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