Henry Moore One of Artist Thesis

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Henry Moore

One of artist Henry Moore's greatest pleasures was seeing his sculptures in the open air (Russell 1989), so he would be very pleased to see the bronze figure Upright Motive, No. 9 at the Kansas City Sculpture Park. It stands very regally at 12 feet tall, along with another dozen of his artworks and 30 sculptures in total in a 22-acre park designed by architects Dan Kiley and Jaquelin Robertson in 1989.

Upright Motive No. 9, a massive 1200-pound upright bronze figure depicts a human body rising from the base on the sculpture in an abstract form. Moore said that this form "was inspired by the verticality of trees and Northwest Coast American Indian totem poles" (Kansas City Sculpture Park 2009). Moore joined several other artists of the time who were considerably interested in the artistic creations of indigenous cultures. His upright figure continues a tradition that stems back thousands of years, as well as refers to the Renaissance, Baroque and Rococo stone sculptures.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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Thesis on Henry Moore One of Artist Henry Moore's Assignment

Born in 1898, Moore is considered the most prominent British sculptor of the 20th century (Encarta). He studied at the Leeds School of Art and the Royal College of Art in London, with his early works being by the huge figures of the Italian Renaissance artists such as Michelangelo, the shapely forms of French sculptor Constantin Brancusi and the organic shapes seen in nature and the Egyptian, Sumerian and African sculptures. Later, Pablo Picasso was a major influence, as well as other abstract artists. Moore was an avid collector of art from indigenous cultures, in addition to stones, skulls and bones, which influenced his sculpture. Above all, it was the world of nature that affected him most and its connection to the human body. "The human figure," he stated, "is what interests me most deeply, but I have found principles of form and rhythm from the study of natural objects, such as pebbles, rocks, bones, trees, plants" (Encarta). Surrealism, which tended toward abstract and organic forms, was also a major influence. Moore loved to create moving forms of women sitting or reclining, male and female couples, mother and child, and family units were some of the themes of his works (Encarta).

The setting in Kansas City Sculpture Park is perfect for Moore's works. In his article about the park, Russell (1989) stated on the opening of the park: "It is never dull for a moment, and we can imagine Henry Moore humming and sniffing and conjecturing every inch of the way. Much that has been planted is still far short of maturity, but we are left in no doubt that in the year 1999 this will be a great place for meditation, tree-watching and the discreet plighting of troths." The architects of the Kansas City Sculpture Park made visitors forget that this park is located amidst a large city, surrounded by busy trafficked roads.

Moore's upright forms are usually compared to primitive sources, such as the Celtic crosses or… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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