High Performance Workplaces Essay

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High Performance Workplaces

High-performance workplaces: Characteristics and lessons

One of the most successful enterprises spawned by the digital age is that of Google, a company that has grown from its humble start-up beginnings to an international technological behemoth that dominates all of its competition. But rather than through strong-armed tactics, Google deploys a philosophy of not being 'evil' to either its employees or competitors. What is so extraordinary about the high-performance workplace philosophy of Google is that it encourages employees to motivate themselves, rather than to be motivated by more traditional rewards such as pay and promotions. Instead of making using the company executive bathroom or cafeteria a choice 'perk' of managers, lower-level employees sit side-by-side upper level executives at Google's many free cafeterias. Everyone is encouraged to give input into the running of the company. Employees are even encouraged to pursue their own projects, during the company's time. The belief is that their research is likely to benefit Google in the long run, provided it garners the top minds and top talent.

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Google has had few problems attracting top talent partially based upon its generous health and leave benefits. But it also offers other unique benefits that generate a sense of loyalty, increase performance, and also reduce stress. For example, Google offers a free on-premises gym and fitness classes. Employees do not have to squeeze in gym time during their lunch breaks. They can enjoy the psychological and physical benefits of exercise without having to rush, and the company benefits from their positive attitudes and healthy bodies. This reduces stress overall at the workplace.

TOPIC: Essay on High Performance Workplaces Assignment

Google is committed to reducing the modern stresses of multitasking and time management. Employees can have their dry cleaning done at Google. Employees also receive transportation back and forth to bus, rail, and other common commuter destinations, so they can review their work at their leisure, rather than sitting in a car. These amenities serve the company's interest, however, as well as the employees -- this way, employees do not have to leave the Google premises to get their chores done, and are more likely to be… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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