high profile client threat risk assessment Term Paper

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Two additional personnel will exit the vehicle to prepare the clients wheelchair. To ensure the operation proceeds smoothly and efficiently, the personnel assigned to the client need to practice taking the wheelchair in and out of the vehicle smoothly to avoid delays.


The client is wheelchair-bound, which presents both opportunities and challenges for personal protection. The clients nurse also requires protection throughout the engagement. Being in a wheelchair makes the client both more and less vulnerable; the client has limited mobility but is also less visible and therefore less feasible a target when flanked by two standing personnel. However, the clients predilection for speaking to the press increases vulnerability. The client should be coached on the importance of refraining from speaking to the press directly, because doing so would require the client to be both visible and vulnerable. Even if the client resists, the security detail will encourage the client to keep a low profile. If the client insists on speaking to the press, it should be done in a planned manner, and not haphazardly or spontaneously, so that two members of the security detail can flank him while speaking. An additional member of the detail needs to be assigned specifically to the nurse throughout the duration of the event. Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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The key points of vulnerability are during entry and exit. When the client exits the vehicle, the wheelchair needs to be flanked and at the ready. Two personnel are stationed alongside the wheelchair and another two assist the client during the transfer. One security personnel remains in the vehicle to ensure that no one is able to tamper with it while the client is inside the courthouse. While inside the courthouse, the nurse and client retain their full protection. If there is a lunch break, the full detail will follow both nurse and client and if possible, food from outside should be brought in to prevent tampering.


Term Paper on high profile client threat risk assessment Assignment

In this case, all threats are defined, credible, and likely. Vulnerability is also very high (Renfroe & Smith, 2016). All threats are man-made and can be mitigated via prevention and a thorough assessment. The client is most vulnerable at points of entry and exit, including the doorway to the clients residence, the entry to the vehicle used to transport the client, the entry to the courthouse, and to the courtroom itself. Additionally, entry to public restrooms is a potentially vulnerable area. Each of these points of vulnerability needs to be monitored closely. One of the greatest challenges of this case is protecting a full-time nurse in addition to the primary client. The nurse does, however, add an additional layer of support to the team, helping to address any minor or major health issue that could arise. One of the unknowns in this case is the risk of the client having a major acute health issue that warrants immediate medical care. For example, the nurse may be unable to attend to the clients needs and the client may require paramedical assistance or even transportation to a hospital. Provisions need to be made for this contingency. The paramedical service needs to be vetted, and the client will retain the full security detail regardless of whether he is being transported to a hospital or treated inside an emergency vehicle.

Another unknown is the size and scope of the crowd. If possible, information should be gathered on which groups will be in attendance. Law enforcement might not be willing to offer additional protection to the client but is certain to maintain presence at and around the courthouse due to the potential of the protests to become acrimonious especially if rival white supremacist groups are in attendance. A security detail of this size lacks the resources to address all potential threats in the crowd, but can remain focused on the primary assets: the client and the nurse.


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