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Michelangelo's work in sculpture portrays the creative strength that defines his work. He is most known for his creation of the human body in paintings and the method in which he conveys a sense of magnificence and a powerful arousal of emotions. His sculptors appear to be both animated and restrained, yet appear to have an energy that is beyond the physical world, but of the spiritual nature. His work defines heroism and tragedy while not portraying anything that might appear artificial.

Michelangelo's creation of the statue, David, was completed early in his life. The statue quickly became the symbol of Florence's glorious political heritage. This work has become known throughout the world as one of his greatest masterpieces. Upon its creation, Michelangelo became one of the first artists to become a popular celebrity within his own lifetime. His talent was much like that of Da Vinci and Raphael, and it crossed over into other creative areas. He was also a poet and prolific letter writer, and left behind a trove of papers that provide insight into many of the difficulties he encountered as an artist in the service of popes and noble families (Biography Resource Center, 2004).Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Term Paper on High Renaissance Movement and Its Assignment

Michelangelo began to travel after the Medici family lost power in 1494. His travels took him to Rome where he created the marble life-sized statue of the Roman wine god Bacchus. He also carved a version of the traditional Pieta subject, which depicts the dead Christ in the lap of his mother, the mourning Virgin Mary. Both figures are larger than life-sized. His work led him to the city of Florence where the new democratic government requested him, along with Leonardo da Vinci, to create large battle scenes for the walls of the city hall upon the beginning of the Spanish threat of capturing the city of Florence. Michelangelo's wall still stands today and provides proof of his skill as an engineer and architect. The artist also designed St. Peter's Basilica, one of the most magnificent structures in the world. His designs for this work has been studied based upon his sketches and copies provided by other artists. The design displayed Michelangelo's outstanding ability to create the human anatomy and include massive power and strength as portrayed by the subject. Michelangelo became obsessed by his work on large projects. He began to accept projects that were unrealistic to create. Pope Julius II requested Michelangelo to create a tomb that would encompass forty marble statues. The artist accepted the job in 1505 and however, it took him forty years to complete the effort.

These artists took a critical view toward a broad number of subjects, and explored ideas that changed the way all others viewed the world. The onset of many controversial ideas evolved and was created. Perspective became part of the new art world. During this time, people of all disciplines began using critical skills as a means of understanding everything from nature to politics. The created artwork that depicted the times: strength, vision, and posperity.

Today, a visitor in the area of northern Italy might be mystically transported back to time as they experience the tall structures are not office buildings but instead are the domed cathedrals and bell towers. Churches are adorned with the cracked frescoes created by Raphael and Michelangelo and include scenes of the Madonna and crucifixions. These paintings will seem to represent beliefs far removed from modern ones. The visitor can also see not only the tombs of the great fourteenth- and fifteenth-century artists and thinkers, known to us as Leonardo Da Vinci, Raphael, and Michelangelo Buonarroti.

As the visitor stands among the modern conveniences such as motor vehicles, ATM machines, and telephones, one can reminisce about the creations of these great artists, but also understand that each of these were evolved from the creative geniuses of the High Renaissance.


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