Higher Education for African-American Youth Application Essay

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¶ … Higher Education for African-American Youth

In order to understand the significance of higher education for African-American youth relative to youths in general, one must have an understanding of the tremendous educational disparity that continues to exist in modern America. Many people naively adhere to the idea that equality of public educational opportunity translates into equal educations, without looking at the historical differences in educational opportunity and how they continue to impact modern African-Americans. The reality is that education is very cyclical in its nature; illiterate and sub-literate parents literally lack the tool to teach their children. Moreover, because a higher education is correlated with higher earning power, many poorly educated parents lack the financial wherewithal to pay someone for tutoring and other services that would place their children on equal footing with higher income children. Given the overrepresentation of African-Americans in the lower socioeconomic class, this problem, while not a uniquely black phenomenon, has a disproportionate impact on the black community. Therefore, higher educations for African-Americans can have a very significant impact on the black community.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Worldwide, poverty is linked to a lack of education, and this connection exists for many reasons, but is largely due to impoverished parents lacking the financial resources to send their children to school. Even when public schools are available, impoverished families may need their children in the workforce, earning money, rather than attending school. However, in America, there is an additional component to educational disparity that goes beyond financial disparity: the history of denying educational opportunities to African-Americans. For example, when slavery in the United States first began, and people of all racial backgrounds were likely to be involved in some type of chattel relationship, whether as a bond-servant, an indentured servant, or a slave, it was not uncommon for slaves to receive some type of rudimentary education. However, as slavery evolved into a racialized system that further negated rights for free blacks, it became… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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