Higher Education Challenge of Financial Term Paper

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The president could have input into the report and the ideas by sitting on the committee, and the president and board would make the decision of what plans to accept and what plans not to accept.

When funding drops, services are affected, so the university must find other ways to save money, as well. The university president could take suggestions from staff and students to come up with creative ways to save money and keep tuitions at current levels. For example, the president could decide to close the campus one day a week, and have staff work four 10-hour days, saving on energy usage, wear and tear on the classrooms, and maintenance costs. Services would still be provided, but most buildings would shut down, except for vital services, such as the library, maintenance, and the student union.

One of the jobs of most college presidents is fundraising, so the president will already have experience at raising funds for his or her school, but clearly, this fundraising will have to be stepped up. They may lobby their legislators into supporting funding for education, and they will interact with the community in an attempt to bring in more funding. They will have to become more creative with their fundraising efforts, as well. They should become more visible in the community, and offer examples of the successes their university has had in education and research to gain support. Most of all, they should encourage thinking "outside the box" for their staff and students to come up with creative ways to gain funding and income without cutting student services or curriculum.

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They will have to encourage their staff to do more with less while keeping up morale, too. In this, the president becomes a statesman, and sets an example by cutting their own salary, working more hours, or giving up benefits like car or housing allowances. The president's ultimate goal should be the stability of the institution and providing high-quality education to the student population, so they must be quite aware of their goals and interests for the school, above everything else.

TOPIC: Term Paper on Higher Education Challenge of Financial Assignment

In conclusion, in difficult economic times, more universities are facing economic crises of their own. The good college president is a leader who knows how to deal with these types of crises, and can motivate those around him or her to look for thoughtful and creative solutions to budget cuts and salary cuts. They must also be empathetic to staff who may be experiencing pay cuts, cutbacks on benefits, and other personal issues stemming from budget cuts. They must show they are attempting to solve the problem with creativity and positive change. There will always be challenges facing university presidents -- how they deal with them shows the difference between true leaders and those who are not.


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