Research Proposal: Higher Education (Globalization) Medina, A. (N

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Higher Education (Globalization)

Medina, a. (n.d.). The Impact of Globalization on Higher Education. Retrieved October 28, 2009, from

Medina's literature review argued that higher education, as a cultural institution, simply reproduces the social system in which it is entrenched. This she was able to do by presenting the neoliberalist school of thought as far back as the era of Enlightenment with which education is seen as an apparatus to serve the interest of the dominant class and that the transmission of information and cultural values perpetrates the unequal power distribution in the society. Knowledge is then seen as playing a key role in maintaining power. It goes as far back as the Church's dominance during the 18th century. Medina surrenders to the fact that economic interests are the main key drivers of globalization -- with policies favoring the private sector over the public. Market policies are then borrowed and implemented in the universities: such as in the case of financial cutbacks and privatization which takes away the autonomy of the… [END OF PREVIEW]

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