Hindu Religious Traditions Research Proposal

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Hindu Religious Traditions

As one of the oldest religions in the history, Hinduism is a religion that has many sacred elements that are associated with Hindu religious traditions. Most of these elements of the Hindu culture and traditions have evolved and changed over the course of many centuries.

The Hindu religion is based on the Hindu philosophy, along with its rituals and practices (Fowler, 1997). Hindus believe in multiple gods because the Hindu philosophy believes that every human being is a part of a divine being. The Hindu religion encourages religious freedom and encourages people to choose to practice whatever religion they are most comfortable with.

Most Hindus participate in religious traditions and rituals every day, whether they are at home, work, or on trips. Devout Hindus perform daily chores such as worshiping at the dawn after bathing. Many of these rituals are performed at a family shrine, and often include lighting a lamp and offering foods before the images of deities. Others recite from religious scripts, singing devotional hymns, meditation, chanting, reciting scriptures and more.

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One important element of Hindu religious traditions is the division between purity and pollution (Fowler, 1997). Religious acts assume some degree of impurity or defilement for the Hindu who is practicing them, which must be overcome through the ritual procedures. Purification is usually done with water and is a common feature of most religious traditions. Other characteristics include a belief in sacrifice and concept of merit, gained through charity and good deeds, that will accumulate over time and are performed to gain Hindus favor in their next lives.

Vedic rites of fire-oblation are occasionally performed, although they are highly respected in theory (Fowler, 1997(. In Hindu wedding and funeral ceremonies, however, the chanting of Vedic mantras are still the norm. The rituals, upacharas, change with time. For example, in the past few hundred years, sacred dance and music offerings in the standard Sodasa Upacharas have been replaced by the offerings of rice and sweets.

Research Proposal on Hindu Religious Traditions as One of the Assignment

Some of the more philosophical Hindus reject the idea of gods and practice different forms of meditation. Other Hindus perform their duties towards society while keeping the moral values and seek the divine. According to YGoHinduism (2008), there are three possible paths that Hindus can follow to seek… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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