Hiring New Employees Is Generally an Exciting Case Study

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Hiring new employees is generally an exciting time for any company or manager. It gives a company a possibility for growth and expansion and it allows fresh energy to enter a firm -- something which can be inspiring and invigorating. It also opens the door to the possibility of the work being spread around; a fact which is truly something that can incite improved morale. If employees at a given company are feelings overworked, better delegating the work to new employees can help to alleviate this. This simple fact alone can make employees feel more like team members and help revive their enthusiasm for their jobs and lives, ultimately making them more productive.

However, new employees need to feel welcome and prepared. New employees need to feel like they been given adequate information about their upcoming position and have been given the chance to prepare accordingly. They also need to feel like their new workplace is prepared for their arrival and is organized. Such a fact should be obvious: no employee likes to feel like they're starting work in a disorganized chaotic environment. Such a dynamic causes the job to start off on the wrong foot, and gives new employees a bad first impression of their new workplace, causing negative expectations, something that employers should want to avoid at all costs. In the case of ABC Inc., the problems displayed in the case were caused by poor planning in connection with procrastination and little inter-office communication.

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Case Study on Hiring New Employees Is Generally an Exciting Assignment

According to the background of the case provided, it is not clear when exactly Carl hired these 15 new members of staff, but that they were hired some time before May 15. Carl's procrastination is visible in the details of the case, when Monica, the woman with whom all these employees would be working, checked in with Carl regarding the long list of necessary orientation activities he needed to be preparing for the incoming employees. Carl had not yet started on any of these tasks. This is already a clear sign of procrastination. The fact that the case details how Carl then waits essentially another two weeks until after Memorial Day to check on the materials and tasks necessary for the students is yet another lucid sign of procrastination. "Twenty percent of people identify themselves as chronic procrastinators. For them procrastination is a lifestyle, albeit a maladaptive one. And it cuts across all domains of their life…It's not trivial, although as a culture we don't take it seriously as a problem. It represents a profound problem of self-regulation. And there may be more of it in the U.S. than in other countries because we are so nice; we don't call people on their excuses… even when we don't believe them" (Marano, 2003). The details of the case indicate that Carl may in fact be a chronic procrastinator which is a very poorly understood issue; some people think that procrastinators need better time management, when in reality they have a clear conception of the time needed to complete a task (Marano, 2003). In reality, procrastinators are the ones who place obstacles in their own path, preventing themselves from achievements.

Key Problems

It's likely that Carl has a very disorganized office where he has many distractions and it's difficult for him to find many things. It's common for chronic procrastinators to be very disorganized as they use it as an excuse. "Disorganization is probably the largest cause of procrastination, especially amongst students. While everybody learns their ABCs and trig equations, nobody is ever taught organizational skills in school. The largest disorganization issue is properly prioritizing tasks" (Grohol, 2005). One might also say that procrastination is founded in a lack of respect. The person like Carl doesn't have enough respect for himself or his job to complete… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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