Hiroshima Bombing the Manhattan Project Term Paper

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This would reinforce the idea of the United States as a humanitarian nation, according to Bard. However, it is my feeling that the greater humanitarian purpose is served if the bomb is not used at all.

After witnessing the effects of the bomb at the Trinity test site, I cannot in good conscience allow our work to be used for mass destruction. The destructive effects - both foreseen and unforeseen - of the bomb are simply too extensive.

Bard goes on to suggest alternatives for using atomic power to force surrender from Japan. The country should be given the opportunity to surrender without using unnecessary and destructive force. It is suggested that representatives from Japan be contacted with negotiations regarding the surrender of this country. The threat of the atomic bomb should also be made clear, in order to inform the representatives of what is at stake.

Political considerations include similar technology that can be developed by rival countries such as Germany. Atomic power is more extreme than any of us could have foreseen. If the United States use the atomic bomb against other nations, this may cause our country's rivals to used the same technology against us. This could have dire consequences not only for the specific countries involved, but for the world at large.

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There are thus two basic issues to consider here. Firstly the safety of the citizens of the United States should take the primary position of importance in all actions taken by the United States Defense Force. The safety of the citizens is placed in danger when the atomic bomb is used. Its power is extremely volatile, and the basic problem is that it could be used by other nations as well. Secondly, international safety and security are endangered by the use of this bomb. Not only the citizens of the United States, but also the citizens of the entire world are in danger if the use of this bomb should become global. Worldwide use of the atomic bomb in a world war could mean nothing short of global disaster.

Term Paper on Hiroshima Bombing the Manhattan Project Assignment

Because of the above considerations, and after much deliberation with my colleagues, I have decided to draw up a petition voicing all the concerns mentioned above.

The Petition

The petition will consist of three parts. First, international laws regarding the use of bombs will be outlined. These will be followed by a discussion of the bomb we have developed, together with all the properties that make it so dangerous. The atomic bomb would violate many of the international standards for both land and aerial warfare. The reasons for this will be outlined and highlighted in a logical fashion.

Secondly, the petition will consider political issues. The fact that especially Germany could be involved in developing technology similar to ours will be brought to the attention of the President. The inherent dangers for the safety of our nation and the world will be discussed and explained to demonstrate previously unconsidered projections for the future.

The final part of the petition will concern moral and humanitarian concerns. The power of the atomic bomb will be discussed in detail before addressing the moral issues involved. Moral issues include warning Japan before using the bomb, as well as using a device that could affect the country for years afterwards. The massive destruction of the weapon does not appear to be consistent with its purpose. Other ways to end the war will be discussed, with a plea that these be attempted before using a device as powerful as the bomb we have developed.

The petition will be signed by all scientists involved with this project, as well as myself. The world stands at a turning point. The United States holds great power within its boundaries. This power needs to be used with great care and responsibility. We need to uphold our image of a great humanitarian nation. Using this bomb creates… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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