Hispanic Home Town Associations Book Review

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Hispanic Home Town Associations

Within the Hispanic community, Home Town Associations or HTAs play a very important role in political community involvement. This is particularly true of the Los Angeles area, because of its large percentage of first and second generation Mexican-American immigrants. It is estimated there are over 400 community HTAs in the greater LA area. HTAs are organizations that have ties back to a specific town or region in Mexico, and provide a family-like group for individuals who share a common background, in the United States. For the most part, HTA leaders are first-generation male immigrants, in their late forties to early fifties, however membership varies widely in both gender and age. However, it should be noted that women seldom take leadership roles. These organizations are less intrenched in American culture, with members being far less likely to be fluent in English than those in comparable, mainstream organizations. Meetings are generally held in Spanish, meaning that individuals who speak little or no English are not barred from participating. In addition, HTAs are generally more welcoming to undocumented immigrants, assuming these immigrants are from the same area as the group itself.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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Book Review on Hispanic Home Town Associations Within the Hispanic Assignment

In addition to providing a social network for immigrants, HTAs provide an outlet for social involvement, especially as it relates to their communities in Mexico. Organizations allow for political franchisement, by encouraging political awareness, both in the U.S. And Mexico, and frequently arrange events that bring elected representatives and individuals together. In relation to undocumented individuals, HTAs are beginning to take the fore as a safe space for gathering and support, as traditional areas are becoming less and less reliably safe. HTAs additionally serve as an active lobbying force for the rights of undocumented individuals. Political mobilization tends to happen in response… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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