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Historic Cities Online

How is the City of Verona being sold on the Internet and on the Web, and what makes the city attractive to the visitor, and what are the factors that would make him choose this city in favor of any others. How does the visitor to the website remember what he has seen, what are the factors that are being advertised about the cities that make them remain in that person's memory for a long time. How is the 'myth' and magic of the city being packaged and sold on the Internet to those who are interested in visiting this historic city of Verona? On one website, named 'Cheap Hotel bookings.Com' the history of Verona is depicted in great detail.Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Term Paper on Historic Cities Online Assignment

What it says is this: the history of this ancient city dates back to a long time ago. The last known record of its history begins from the time of the settlements of the Indo-European travelers who found the land in the city to be extremely fertile. This led them to settle down in that particular area where the river was slow, and the fertile lands all around were used for cultivation and agriculture. Rich in natural resources, the city of Verona was found to be an ideal location for the foundation of a new city, and this was how the city was created. The nucleus of Verona is thought to be the hill upon which the San Pietro Castle is still seen to be standing. (Discount Hotels, Verona) scholar wrote in the sixteenth century, that "to know Verona is to love her." This is a very apt description of the beautiful and lovely city of Verona that has been immortalized forever by the famous litterateur Shakespeare in his 'Romeo and Juliet'. In fact, as one gets to know the city, one would grow to love her more and more. When one walks on the streets and under the arches and bridges, one cannot help but feel and even experience the same emotions that Romeo and Juliet were supposed to have experienced during their tragic history. This is a major part of the attraction of Verona to the uninitiated visitor, and everywhere one goes within this city, one would be reminded of this tragedy. Verona is also the city of the most famous 'Arena' or the Opera House that is one of the largest and most famous in the world. This is also the city in which one would find numerous nature parks, and the Adige River that encircles most of these parks, surrounding them on all sides. This makes for a pretty enough picture. However, in addition to all these attractions, the city of Verona also offers astonishing gastronomical delights for the traveler, and these foods are renowned all over the world.

The city of Verona is surrounded on all sides by large walls, about ten km in length. Within these walls that were actually erected by the Scaligeri Family of Verona is the city, which is divided into four different zones. These are the ancient city, where the remains of ancient Rome can still be seen, and the Cittadella zone that stretches towards the South of the city, the San Zeno from where the Cathedral can be viewed, and finally the Veronetta whose origins can be traced back to the Early Middle Ages. The Piazza Bra is the center point of the city, because of the fact that this is where most trains terminate, and also because this is an ideal parking spot for cars. The Piazza Bar is actually located around the Arena, which is one of the largest remaining Roman amphitheatres in existence all over the world. During the summer, the visitor would be able to enjoy performances at this opera house, amidst the age-old and timeless splendor and mystique of the ancient construction. In addition, just outside the Piazza Bra, the visitor would be able to see Juliet's Tomb also the 'Museo Degli Affreschi'.

Another important factor about the Piazza is that this is the home to the historic Palazzo Della Dan Guardia and the Gran Guardia Nuova. Once one crosses over the river Adige to the other side, this is where two very famous Veronese monuments can be found. These are the San Micheli's 'Palazzo Canossa' and the church of S. Lorenzo and also the 'Palazzo Bevilacqua'. The visitor would now have reached the main entrance to the Roman city, the Porta Borsari, and when one walks along the road from here, the Piazza Delle Erbe would be visible. This is also the road where the prestigious Via Mazzini is to be found, and this is where some of the choicest shops in the city of Verona are to be seen. These include shops displaying wares from the sophisticated Gucci to the Furla's leather goods. The Piazza delle Erbe is also known as the economic center of the city, as this is where some of the most prestigious brands of goods are showcased. Some of them are Lacoste, Swatch, and Valextra.

The most charming aspect of the Piazza delle Erbe is the mixture of old-world charm in the historical buildings found here, and the sophistication and style of the ultra modern wares being sold here. Old Churches and artifacts jostle with stylish designer ware, and visitors are often surprised and astonished at this combination. The history of the city of Verona is evident at every turn, where the River Adige forms a backdrop to the day-to-day activities of all the residents of the city of Verona. It is a fact that this city is more than a few thousands of years old, about 300,000 years, to be precise. Stone was the primary toll that was used for the construction of most of the monuments that are still, to this day, in existence. Over the years, Verona became an important city of Italy, because of its central location, and the location is considered to be responsible for the fact that Verona is today one of the most developed urban centers in Italy.

It was not until the 19th century that Verona started to play an important role in the military and the administration of Italy, and after 1866 when Verona was annexed by Italy, she started to develop into one of the major nerve centers of Italy. Among the other places of historic interest that are present in the city of Verona, the Piazza dei Signori, the Palazzo del Comune, the Torre dei Lamberti, the Palazzo del Capitanio, the official palace of the Scaglieri family that ruled over Verona from 1260 to 1387, the perfect example of the Renaissance period of Veronese architecture, the Loggia del Consignio, and so on. In addition, the numerous Museums that hose all the artifacts of the ancient rulers and kingdoms are of great interest to the traveler, who can hope to see genuine pieces from olden times in these Museums that are veritable treasure houses of the history of Verona. (Verona)

In a Website entitled 'Kristen's Verona Page', details about the various hotels in Verona and the type of food that is available in general in Verona are available on the site for the intended traveler. In addition, the telephone numbers and the address of Kristen are given on the site, so that one may feel free to call her or visit her at the numbers given by her. (Kryssten's Verona Page) The Website hosted by 'About' details those details about Verona that the intended visitor would be able to access and absorb. He would be able to make an informed and therefore a definitely better decision rather then if he were to visit a place after just hearing about it or reading about it in books. The visitor to the website is provided information under various classifications.

The categories are: Verona Italy Travel Planner, under which the details of the places that are worth a visit in Verona are detailed. Some of these are, according to the website, Arena di Verona, the 2000-year-old Roman Theatre and one of the oldest still existing amphitheatres in the entire world, in which operas are conducted, even to this day, the two famous bridges of Verona that are the Ponte Scaligero, and the Ponte Pietra, both ancient and time worn bridges that have excellent historic value. Some of the other sights explained in this website are the House of Juliet, said to belong to the very famous character out of Shakespeare's works, Romeo and Juliet, where the tragedy of the drama is supposed to have unfolded. This House is, in fact, one of the most famous monuments in Verona today, and the traveler would definitely try to remember this when he is on the lookout for places to visit when surfing the Internet.

It can be stated that Juliet's House is in fact a USP or a 'unique selling proposition' for the city of Verona, since it is not everywhere that history and romance become combined in one exciting… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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