Historical and Socio Cultural Analysis of Online Learning Term Paper

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Online Learning and Education

Technology can provide a valuable advantage for students in the classroom. The opportunities for teachers to enhance instruction using computer technology are tremendous. However, the literature review revealed that there are significant obstacles and wide-spread use of computers in the classroom. It was suspected that a lack of training and computer skills were responsible for the gap in technology use. It was discovered that not only the availability of the training and the quality of training were major issues in the ability to increase computer usage among educators. The purpose of this research will be to explore the use of online courses as a solution to the barriers inherent in the current level of computer use in the classroom as a resource for educators.

Research Questions

This research will support the hypothesis that online courses will have a significant positive impact on actual computer use in the classroom. It will address the following research questions:

Does an online course increase actual usage of computer technology in the classroom?

Does an online course result in improved attitudes towards technology in the classroom by educators?

Does an online course result in better support from administration as far as time to take the course is concerned?

Does an online course significantly increase the computer knowledge level of a selected group of educators?Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Term Paper on Historical and Socio Cultural Analysis of Online Learning Assignment

This study will be a quantitative investigation of the ability of an online course to increase both computer knowledge and level of usage among the teachers in the classroom. A quantitative approach was chosen because the data can be easily translated into a numerical form via a standardized test (Creswell, 2005). This topic was chosen as result of the literature review, which indicated that online courses may offer a better alternative than face-to-face courses for increasing computer knowledge among staff. It will serve as a quantitative assessment of an online course for this purpose.


This study will use a survey to evaluate the level of knowledge present in a group of educators chosen to participate in the study. They will be given a survey designed to assess their overall level of computer knowledge and current level of usage in the classroom setting. The participants will be asked to… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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