History of Addiction Term Paper

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Over the years, the perception of the public with regards to dangers of specific substance abuse has changed. It is said that the labels on tobacco packing has gradually made people aware of how addictive narcotics. Recognition of fetal alcohol syndrome brought about the inclusion of warning labels on the alcohol products that were in the market. Addictive nature of some of the prescription drugs like diazepam was now known and caffeine was also scrutinized. Drug laws have tried to keep up with the changing perceptions that people have on drugs and the real dangers of abusing these substances. By 1970 there were numerous federal drug laws as well as state laws that specified a variety of punitive measures that included imprisonment or even death penalty.in order to make clarifications the Comprehensive Drug Abuse prevention Act of 1970 replaced, repealed or updated previous federal laws which were concerned with narcotics and other drugs considered to be dangerous. Possession of drugs was made illegal but severe punishment was left for illicit distribution or the manufacture of these drugs. This act also dealt with treatment of drug abuse as well as controlling drug traffic.


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