History of Africa Nationalism: African Research Paper

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Additionally, since the creation of boundaries by colonizing nations was done rather arbitrarily and regardless of the indigenous ethnic cultures and tribes, the spirit of unification and nationalism was not allowed to grow organically to the point that the people would wish to form their own nation. Instead, their independence came from rebellion against a larger foe and not a unification of the people.

Independent Churches:

African Independent Churches are also known as African Indigenous Churches, African Initiated Churches, African Instituted Churches, or AICs. These names all together define more than 10,000 independent churches in Africa, all variations and denominations of Christianity (African). Although these churches are all different and spread out throughout the continent, the one thing that these churches have in common is that they were created by Africans and not by the Christian missionaries who came into Africa in the 18th and 19th centuries. The other component that unites these churches is that they all combine Christian principles with the traditional religions of the African tribes from the area that they are established in. Some of the churches utilize their African traditions more than the others, but all of them feature these characteristics is some form. The AICs, like the European Christians before them, have strong missionary systems in place to further spread their own versions of Christian religion to the rest of the African people.Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Research Paper on History of Africa Nationalism: African Assignment

The AICs began to form in the late 19th century in acts of rebellion against the white Christian missionaries and the colonial governments that they represented. One of the primary goals of the initial founders of some of the African Independent Churches was to read the Bible themselves and interpret the scripture through their own analysis and not believing without question the interpretations of the colonial missionaries. Indeed some of the AICs have expanded on the Bible, including their founding into the narrative of their religious beliefs. Additionally, it has been the political position of most AICs to have an open mind with regard to other churches and religions, particularly Christian churches occupying the same geographic locations and Muslims (African).

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