History of Human Sexuality Term Paper

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While hearing the confessions of the people, the clergy often questioned the laity on the marital sex practices and placed restrictions on both the frequency and the suitability of the indulgence in marital sex. Certain days of the week were not suitable for sex and definitely not during the period of Lent. Too much of enjoyment of sex was looked upon as a sin, though not a mortal sin that could condemn you to the depths of hell.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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Among the three states that a woman could be in virginity was considered to be the highest, followed by widowhood. Marriage ran a distant third. This reckoning would make women not too happy to place themselves in a position to go through sexual relationships. The clergy themselves supposed to be celibate did all they could to lessen the enjoyment of sex by women. The only countervailing factor to the powerful church was that the intellectual forces present took a more positive attitude to female sexuality. The then existing medical understanding was the existence of female sperm. For conception to occur it was necessary that a woman to ejaculate her sperm too. The presence of medieval manuals on the ways and means to go about this especially on the arousal of a woman and the various suggestions on foreplay confirm this. Though these manuals may not have had wide circulations, still the thought
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