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In Lies My Teacher Told Me, Loewen also unravels the lies that strangle American schoolchildren in their brainwashing classes. The author points out that there are deep problems in the very questions that are being asked, and the assumptions built into terms like "settle." When his students are asked when the land now known as the United States was first settled, no one in his class can answer correctly. Their version of history leaves out thousands of years of human history -- an appalling testimony to the terrifyingly insincere version of history taught in public schools. Likewise, Loewen discusses the "invisibility of racism" in American history textbooks in Chapter 5. To make race more visible, Loewen states, "the most pervasive theme in our history is the domination of black America by white America," (p. 136). Loewen's assertion could just as easily refer to Native Americans and Latin Americans. Understanding American history in terms of systems of power and abuses of power better helps students of history understand what is going on today.

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History is often taught in a dangerous fashion, as DuBois, Loewen, and Zinn point out. The danger in brainwashing students from a young age is that teachers, consciously or not, set up those students to perpetuate the problems of the past. Instead of questioning assumptions like the supremacy of European music, art and culture or like the beneficence of an unbridled free market, historians have an obligation to show a more nuanced view. Human beings are complex, and their societies are even more complex. This means that history is never as black-and-white as the traditional history books would like us to believe.

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