History of Occupational Therapy Frame Research Paper

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This lead to conflicts within the field about whether the field should continue to specialize or whether it should remain generalized.

Frame 9 -- In 1956, the Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant (COTA) position was created to help ease the demand for OTs. OTs required 4-6 years of training in order to be certified. The field of occupational therapy continued to grow and by the 1960s had become highly specialized (Kearney, 2004).

Frame 10 -- During this period of specialization, the field of occupational therapy became divided into specialized field of pediatrics, developmental disabilities, and the physically infirm. Occupational therapists also specialized in working with the mentally ill and others to help them become functional and contributing members of society. In 1958, it was observed that occupational therapy was not the only occupation undergoing specialization. The fields of law, medicine, and engineering were also becoming highly specialized (Kearney, 2004).

Frame 11 -- In 1963, Moore criticized the field of occupational therapy for the inability to communicate effectively with other members of the medical community. At that point, their training consisted of half science and half "arts and crafts" training (Kearney, 2004). Studies were conducted and in 1965, Essentials was revised again to reflect these changes.

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Frame 12 -- The revisions in the 1965 edition set the standard for all subsequent editions of the manual. The manual emphasized science and medicine, but added greater recommendations for inclusion of the social sciences. This edition de-emphasized arts and crafts classes.

Frame 13 - In 1958, the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) became responsible for the approval of educational programs for the occupational therapy assistant.

Research Paper on History of Occupational Therapy Frame Assignment

Frame 14 -- These changes led to the form that the occupation takes today. Today's occupations therapy relies more on the field of medicine than on arts and crafts. The techniques that the therapist uses have become more sophisticated too.

Frame 15 -- The period from 1950 through the 1960s can be summarized as a period of specialization and increasing complexity. It is a period that was important to the Occupational Therapist becoming a respected part of the medical team. Today, the occupational therapist is an important part of the team that helps patients return to normal life as quickly as possible, or to adjust to changes in their life as a result of their condition.


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