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More importantly, they include an economic division of the city's wealth to bridge the divide between the haves and the have-nots. This latter aspect is largely identified by the media as De Blasio's vision of the city, one which is not the tale of two cities he widely disparages the municipality for in his campaign slogan, but one in which the economic divide -- which is largely evinced within racial and economic grounds -- is closed.

De Blasio's rise to power is in accordance with general principles of the Democratic party. In fact, he obtained his first substantial position with the city of New York during the tenure of the city's last Democratic mayor, David Dinkins. One can even argue that the virtues of equality and racial and ethnic diversification that are a key part of his campaign platform -- especially when applied to an economic viewpoint -- are exemplified in the De Blasio's personal life. He has two mixed race children with his African-American wife. In the late summer his campaign team ran a commercial with his son extolling his democratic, economic and social equality virtues -- which certainly played a role in his gaining the Democratic candidacy for the election.

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Sante, Luc. Low Life. New York: Farrar,…
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