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Wages for workers were able to increase because of the plague's devastating effects, and the plague is also responsible for allowing Europe to develop from an economic standpoint, in response to its lack of laborers.


The city of Istanbul has a fairly lengthy history that has played a significant role in the formulation and foundation of Westernized society. It was originally known as Constantinople, and was at various times the capital of the Holy Raman Empire as well as the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire. When it was the capital of the latter empire, it was known as Byzantium, largely due to the fact that the eastern aspect of the Roman Empire was also referred to as the Byzantine Empire. Because of where the city is situated in Turkey, it has traditionally been a meeting place for those hailing from the East as well as from the West. Not surprisingly, it has been a home for both Christianity and for Islam. Following the decline of Byzantium and the triumph of Muslim invaders in the early part of the 15th century, Constantinople became referred to as Istanbul and went from being one of the virtual birth places of Christianity to a Muslim stronghold.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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One of the most significant aspects about the city of Constantinople is the fact that it is largely regarded as the birthplace of Christianity. Constantine, whom Constantinople was named afterwards, had a dream about a cross not too long after Christ was crucified and left the Earth, and began the formally known religion as Christianity in honor of that vision and of Jesus. Christianity would go on to dominate Western thought in a number of ways, not just those involving religion. The primary text of Christianity, the Bible, was used to reinforce a number of social institutions and practices, as well as scientific principles and governmental proceedings and law. Aside from Judaism, Christianity and its verses in the Bible played was the single most influential religion on the Continent, and was responsible for common judicial and civil practices. These practices and the religion… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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