Research Paper: Hitler's Death Camps

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Holocaust the Destruction of European Jewry 1933-1945

Why did you choose this historical area and this book?

The Jewish Holocaust is one of the most dramatic events in all of recorded human history. It is an extremely valuable source of insight into the human potential for evil and injustice. Unlike other previous examples of human atrocity, the Holocaust occurred in modern times, long after the excuse of ignorance or unsophisticated societal structure is applicable. At the time, Germany actually represented, according to several measures, the height of human cultural development.

A selected Nora Levin's book because it is a comprehensive source of information because it details the gradual evolution of anti-Semitic policies and instrumentalities in Germany, the qualitative experiences of victims, country-specific descriptions of the Holocaust, as well as a complete numerical analysis of the quantitative impact on the worldwide Jewish population.

What 4 historical/cultural themes do you see coming out of the book? Identify & expand:

First, the historical theme that large-scale human atrocities are not vestiges of the Middle Ages or ancient times. The Nazi Holocaust illustrates that, given the right circumstances and opportunity, modern human societies are still capable of barbaric conduct. Second, the historical theme that the perspective conveyed by the Holocaust combined with the contemporary rhetoric from Iran about the destruction of Israel justifies appropriate preemptive measures to prevent it, if necessary. Third, the cultural theme that the decision of the U.N. To establish the State of Israel as a refuge for displaced European Jews after World War II was justified by the circumstances. The modern country of Israel exists as a homeland for Jews because it arose of necessity by virtue of their persecution rather than as a result of Zionist efforts. Fourth, the cultural theme that future human atrocities are less likely to recur if all victims of past atrocities recognize that the historical importance of past atrocities does not depend on the identity of the victims in particular. Put yourself into… [END OF PREVIEW]

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