Hitting ISIS Where it Hurts Research Paper

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Also, the disparate and diffuse nature of loyalties in Iraq must be taken into account. The Iraqi government must carefully marshal support from a diverse range of regional interests spanning from nations like Turkey, the Kurdish population, and from Sunnis. The U.S. can provide assistance with these efforts but cannot be the sole 'prop' of support. The overall philosophy of Johnston is to invest independence in the entities currently responsible for governing Iraq but to maintain U.S. support to ensure an effective policy is being maintained and U.S. interests are appropriately advanced without raising anti-U.S. sentiment or creating the impression that the current regime is a lackey of the United States.

Johnston's philosophy has yet to be tested and may have some problems but his overall ethos seems supported by past events. Creating an impression that a new regime is beholden to the U.S. is no way to gain critical grassroots support, particularly in the Middle East. By giving the regime tools to help itself and combat terrorism, the U.S. can strike a balance between intervention and a completely hands-off attitude. Johnston's assessment of the situation also underlines the need to tailor an attack on terrorist financing to the specific needs of the situation. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to cutting off sources of aid.


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