HIV Epidemic: U.S. and South Africa Policy Exam Essay

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Insufficient public education on the HIV epidemic has also led to irresponsible sexual behaviors in Sub-Saharan Africa.

How has each country’ government addressed cost, quality, and access to the selected global health issue?

It is important to note that at present, the U.S. government spends a significant sum of money and allocates other resources in an attempt to rein in the HIV epidemic. Most recently, the Trump administration came up with the Ending the HIV Epidemic: A Plan for America proposal that, amongst other things, “will leverage critical scientific advances in HIV prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and care by coordinating the highly successful programs, resources, and infrastructure of many HHS agencies and offices” (CDC, 2019).

The South African government has also in the past spent considerably on this particular health issue. Efforts in this case have largely revolved around ensuring that ARV treatment is easily accessible. However, little has so far been done to minimize costs associated with the treatment of the same.

How has the identified health policy impacted the health of the global population?

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HIV has had significant impact on the health and wellbeing of the global population. It is important to note that at present, HIV/Aids remains one of the biggest cause of death in the world – with low income countries being amongst the worst hit by the epidemic. HIV/Aids has also been associated with increased burden of disease as a consequence of the wide range of opportunistic infections that afflict persons infected by HIV/Aids.

Describe the potential impact of the identified health policy on the role of nurse in each country.

Exam Essay on HIV Epidemic: U.S. and South Africa Policy Assignment

The role of nurses in the management of HIV is most prominent in this country. Although the participation of nurses in policymaking remains limited in this case, nurses play a key caregiving role – and are thus called upon to be at the forefront in the management of the epidemic.

The fact that the government of South Africa has done little on the sensitization front especially when it comes to ensuring that people are well-informed on approaches to adopt to prevent infection means that nurses must scale-up on their role as educators. This is more so the case when it comes to the aversion of risky behaviors.

Explain how global health issues impact local healthcare organizations and policies in both countries.

Thanks to effective public policy as well as a well-developed public health system, the U.S. has been able to address the most significant global health issues in a way that minimizes their impact on not only the general population, but also on local healthcare organizations. For instance, with regard to HIV, policies such as the Federal Action Plan and the Ryan White HIV/Aids Program have made the epidemic a lesser public health crisis – thus effectively making it easier for healthcare organizations to play an effective and meaningful role towards the control of the same in an enabling environment.

South Africa has a lengthy history in its war against various global health issues – specifically HIV/Aids right from the time the first case of HIV was reported in 1982. The said efforts have been inclusive of numerous campaigns and policy implementation efforts including, but not limited to, the Treatment Action Plan, the National Integrated Plan, the National Strategic Plan, etc. It is, however, important to note that these efforts have in most instances not been as effective as intended because of corruption, incompetence on the part of public officials, and bad politics. In that case, HIV/Aids ends up taking more than its fair share of resources – effectively stifling the ability of local healthcare organizations to effectively fulfill their mandate.

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