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Will Hobbs was born on August 22, 1947, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His parents are Greg and Mary Hobbs. He is the middle of five children, with three brothers and a sister. The Hobbs were an Air Force family and moved around frequently: they lived in Pennsylvania, Panama, Virginia, Arkansas, Northern California, Southern California, and Texas. During his childhood, he developed a love of nature and backpacking that continues to this day. In the fourth grade, Will grew to love reading and stories, which provided the foundation for his writing career many years later. Will Hobbs entered Stanford University in 1965. He graduated with his BA in 1969 and achieved his MA in 1971. He taught Reading and English for seventeen years, three of which were at the high school level. Hobbs started writing full time in 1990 and is a member of the Author's Guild. He married his wife, Jean Loftus, in 1972. The two currently reside in Colorado and have done so for many years

Hobbs primarily writes adventure stories for children and young adult readers. His outdoor stories appeal to both boys and girls. Hobbs has readers discovering wild places, sharing adventures with people from varied backgrounds, and exploring how to make important choices in their own lives. Hobbs draws from his personal life experiences for story ideas. Reading subjects of personal interest also provide inspiration for his works.

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Hobbs has written fifteen novels and two picture books. Following is a complete listing of his works with brief plot summaries.

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Wild Man Island: On the last day of a sea kayaking trip in southeast Alaska, fourteen-year-old Andy Galloway paddles away from the group. His heart tells him he must visit the place where his archeologist father died trying to solve the mystery of the first Americans. A gale sweeps Andy far across the strait, where he swims onto Admiralty Island, an immense wilderness of forests, rain, and bears. A survival tale becomes much more as Andy encounters a dog running with wolves and then a man toting a stone-tipped spear. The wild man vanishes into the forest, but the dog reappears and leads Andy to the mouth of a cave, where secrets upon secrets begin to unfold. Running for his life, Andy retreats deep into the cave, where danger, suspense, and discovery await

Leaving Protection: When sixteen-year-old Robbie Daniels leaves his home in Port Protection for the nearby fishing town of Craig, king salmon season is less than forty-eight hours away from starting without him. The few skippers who can afford to hire help have already found their deckhands, and time is running out on Robbie's dream of fishing the open ocean for kings. He can hardly believe his good fortune when legendary fisherman Tor Torsen unexpectedly hires him on. Working on Tor's beautiful troller, catching king salmon from dawn till dusk, Robbie is living his dream -- until he discovers his mysterious captain's dark intentions. Tor is not only fishing; he's searching along the coastline for historic metal plaques buried by early Russian explorers laying claim to Alaska. When Robbie learns how valuable these possession plaques are, he fears he may already know too much to survive. Tor's wrath and a violent storm at sea put Robbie's courage and wits to the ultimate test.

Jackie's Wild Seattle: How do you rescue a coyote trapped in the elevator of a Seattle office building? How do you save an injured seal at the bottom of a cliff with the tide coming in? Fourteen-year-old Shannon Young, visiting from New Jersey, is about to find out. Shannon and her little brother, Cody, are in for a summer of breathless, sometimes reckless, often hilarious adventure visiting their Uncle Neal, who drives an ambulance for a wildlife rescue center called JACKIE'S WILD SEATTLE. When Uncle Neal is injured by a red-tailed hawk, Shannon summons her courage and starts rescuing the animals herself. Jackie, the director of the center, believes in "the circle of healing," and helps troubled young people by letting them work with the animals. Shannon becomes interested in Tyler, an appealing but withdrawn teenager who is fascinated by a bear cub and an injured eagle. Uncle Neal warns her that Tyler is a ticking time bomb, but Shannon discovers her uncle is keeping secrets of his own. Cody, meanwhile, is having nightmares about the events of September 11, and is sure some new disaster is about to strike. Everything is uncertain, and home is so very far away.

River Thunder: "They're calling it a flood -- highest water anyone's ever seen in the Grand Canyon! it's all over the national news!" Jessie and her companions from Downriver have returned to the Grand Canyon, brimming with anticipation about running the big rapids: Granite, Hermit, Crystal, and Lava Falls. For Jessie it's a dream come true -- a chance to row her own raft down the Colorado River. But the river has its own surprises in store. For Troy, this trip means a chance to prove himself, to make up for past mistakes. In the end, the river itself will be the ultimate test. it's going to take all of them pulling together -- Jessie, Troy, Adam, Star, Rita and Pug -- if they're to survive the thundering water and the powerful emotions the river unleashes.

Kokopelli's Flute: The magic had always been there. 13-year-old Tepary Jones could feel it. Fascinated by Picture House, the ancient cliff dwelling near his parents' Seed Farm, he knew this would be the perfect place to view his first total eclipse of the moon. Waiting for the eclipse to begin, Tep admired the mysterious pictures chipped into the cliff walls by the Ancient Ones. His favorites were two of Kokopelli, the legendary humpbacked flute player. Suddenly Tep's dog Dusty heard noises -- robbers with shovels were digging in the red sandstone, destroying the ancient ruins and stealing the priceless treasures! In their haste the vandals left behind a small, polished bone flute. Something told Tep he shouldn't put the flute to his lips, but he did....

Bearstone: In this award-winning adventure set along Colorado's Continental Divide, 14-year-old Cloyd Atcitty is sent to work for an old rancher named Walter. While hiking in the cliffs above Walter's ranch, Cloyd discovers a turquoise bearstone in an ancient burial. Knowing that his people, the Utes, have a special relationship with bears, he decides to keep the small stone in hopes it will bring him strength. Cloyd is thrilled when Walter proposes that the two of them go up into the mountains together to reopen the old man's gold mine, the Pride of the West. Riding his horse far from their camp, Cloyd comes face-to-face with the last grizzly bear in Colorado, only to find that there's a trophy hunter stalking the bear. In the story's exciting climax, Cloyd tries to warn the bear and to save Walter, who has been injured in a mining explosion.

Beardance: As this high-adventure sequel to Bearstone opens, Cloyd Atcitty and his rancher friend Walter are riding once more into the mountains, this time chasing the old man's dream of finding a lost Spanish gold mine. But the report of a mother grizzly with cubs sets Cloyd dreaming of grizzlies, not gold. Up in the high country Cloyd meets a remarkable woman named Ursa, a grizzly expert who is out searching for the bears. Together they find them, the last grizzlies in Colorado. But when the cubs are orphaned in an accident, it's up to Cloyd, staying on alone in the mountains, to keep them alive.

The Maze: Just fourteen, Rick Walker is alone, on the run, and desperate. Stowing away in the back of a truck, he suddenly finds himself at a dead end, out in the middle of nowhere. The Maze. In this surreal landscape of stark redrock spires and deep sandstone canyons, Rick stumbles into the remote camp of Lon Peregrino, a bird biologist who is releasing fledgling California condors back into the wild. Intrigued by the endangered condors and the strange bearded man dedicated to saving them, Rick decides to stay on. When two men with a vicious dog drive up in a battered old Humvee, Rick discovers that Lon and his birds are in grave danger. In the story's heart-stopping climax, Rick risks his own life flying Lon's hang-glider in a dramatic attempt to save his friend.

Jason's Gold: "Gold!" Jason shouted at the top of his lungs. "Read all about it! Gold discovered in the Yukon!" Within hours of hearing the thrilling news, 15-year-old Jason Hawthorn jumps a train for Seattle, stows away on a ship bound for the gold fields, and joins thousands of fellow prospectors attempting the difficult journey to the Klondike. The Dead Horse Trail and the infamous Chilkoot Pass stand between him and the perilous last leg of his journey. Can he make it 500 miles down the Yukon River before freeze-up? As Jason battles his way north, he meets a Canadian girl named Jamie… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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