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The main aim of this research was to see whether Hollywood movies have an impact on the girls living in the Saudi Diaspora in Paris, France. We also wanted to see how these movies affected the sense of national identity that these girls had. We randomly selected two girls from the Saudi Diaspora and interviewed them about Hollywood movies. They were asked how these movies impact them and how are they affected by these movies. The major conclusion from the research was that Hollywood movies do have an influence on these girls. Due to their education and travel, these girls are able to reduce the influence but that assertion cannot be applied to the all the girls of the Saudi community. Where it influences them, these Hollywood movies also reduce the sense of national identity that these girls have.


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The 1997 U.S. Blockbuster movie Titanic had gotten so popular that it was applauded by the president of China, Jiang Zemin, in a speech for the Nation People's Congress of Chin. (McChesney 151) Its spread was so farfetched that when Kate Winslet who is the star of the film made her way to the Himalayas, she was recognized by the locals there. A local there, who didn't know English and couldn't speak the language, said the words "You.Titanic" when he saw her. (Phillips 6) This shows that films that are made in America are seen not only in America but in the entire world. It is true that the quality of movies Hollywood has to offer is amazing and for this reason it goes on to dominate other film industries in the world. (Maisuwong 1) it appears that American films have become a means to show America in a good and friendly light. The kind of life and the kind of stories that Hollywood depicts makes people think that America is the best country in the world. Using media to spread the culture is yet another tactic that the country is using to become superior in the world. Americanism is quite apparent through the spread of different American brands all thorough out the world.

Research Paper on Hollywood Movies the Main Aim of This Assignment

Americanism portrayed through this movies falls under the broad theory of cultural imperialism that is prominent in almost everything around us. Cultural imperialism is basically the creation and maintenance of a cultural dominance. This dominance is created by a culture being promoted and imposed in less potent areas. Thus, it's basically the developed and economically stable countries taking charge of other countries and other countries.

Culture was divided into two different categories at one time. These two categories were merely the truth and beauty. (Williams 38) Today things are quite different. Culture is chosen and thus preferred based on what it is more beautiful and appears more luxurious. Today, countries are working to cash in through their customs and their cultures. Thus, there is no doubt in believing that customs and are merely resources for different countries. (Yudice, 40) Thus intermingling of cultures or mixing of cultures allows the social hierarchies to develop. Culture has such an influence on the person that eventually one such norm goes to regulate and actually structure someone or an entire society's life. (Parekh, 143) it was postulated that in 1996, the sale of the cultural industry which includes films, television, music, journals, and books) went on to beat the sales of things like farming, cars and defense. (Miller, 9)

The culture and the values of the country are being delivered though this medium. Films are chosen because a lot of people prefer and actually like American movies. Regardless of what national identify to they belong to, everyone would have been exposed to n American movie one time or another. Maybe subtly or discreetly, the American culture does influence a person's mind and affects their desires and their feelings. It is quite a simple tactic if one really thinks about it. Audiences receive a message, interpret it and thus start harboring positive emotions for the country. (Maisuwong 1)

This topic is chosen due to the Americanization that is taking place all over the world. Slowly and gradually, people are beginning to lose their sense of national identity. Globalization is good but where would globalization go if everyone in the world started mimicking the American culture? As would be shown by the relevant data collected, Hollywood is making an impact on girls at a small age. The group chosen for this study is the girls in the Saudi community in Paris. These girls belong to a different country, different religion and are nowhere close to the 'American' national identity. Regardless, their ideals and their thoughts have been molded to match what the movies show them. This is harmful for their national identity and for the growth of their own country. American movies have a way of showing that America is better than all the other countries in the world. If such feelings and sentiments are harvested in someone at a tender age, then how can one expect nationalism or patriotism from that person?

The purpose of this study is to further elaborate how Hollywood movies are just another tactic for Americanism. The media exaggerates and shows the country in such an angelic light that everyone wants to live in America and be American. It makes them think that all their problems and their worries would end only if they were American. These movies are distracting people away from their own national identity and pulling them into the dark. A major reason why Hollywood movies are being used for cultural imperialism is because they are more exciting and thrilling than movies of other countries.

Research question

The major research question is how do Hollywood movies influence young female Saudi Diaspora in Paris, France and what are the consequences on national identity? The question is basically to see how Hollywood movies have made an impact on the Arab girls living in Paris. Even though these girls reside in Paris, France they belong to a different country. The culture and the religion they practice aren't similar to the majority showed in France or in the Hollywood movies that they see. Before this question is looked into more details, it deems necessary to define some importance terms first.

Influence: Most of us do know what the word influence means, however in this context the influence discussed is influence on the beliefs and thoughts of the person. The movies that these persons see are all visual. We will later discuss on how things that appeal to the eye, the person wants to mimic them. Thus, Hollywood movies appeal to the international society and thus influence their thoughts, dreams and desires in the long run.

Diaspora: A Diaspora is a Greek term that basically means dispersion or scattering. It is mainly the migration or scattering of people from their own homeland. In simple terms, it means the collection or a community of persons belonging to a different country but residing in a different country. The Diaspora that we will be talking about is the Saudi Diaspora that is present in Paris today.

National identity: National identity is basically a person's identity. It is what that person answers to a simple question like "Where are you from?" Regardless of what race, religion or color a person is, they themselves would decide on their national identity. it's basically a sense of belonging or feeling like a part of a country or a nation. It is an identity or a feeling a person develops regardless of their citizenship status of the country.

Rationale for method use

Regardless of method we use, our major objective is to answer the question that we are asking. In this research, the method used is qualitative research. It is seen that qualitative research seems most appropriate for deep and meaningful questions. It allows for the researcher to attain an in-depth approach to whatever phenomenon he or she is studying. (Nicholls, 1)

Qualitative research methods can also go on to give the bigger picture about a situation or an issue. They work to give details about a question in a more accessible way. The qualitative research interview thus goes on to tell about the meanings of central aspects in the life. These interviews are conducted so the interview not only attains answers but also understands what the respondent is saying. (Kvale)

Furthermore, a qualitative research method like an interview covers both not only facts but also opinions and meanings. In this research, the interviewer had to get information about how Hollywood movies make an impact on the researcher. The task majorly was to find out what these movies mean to them and how they make a difference. Such an in-depth question requires more than a table or a statistical data. An interview thus gives the researcher with a lot of answers that he or she will analyze to ultimately reach the final conclusion.

Qualitative research methods also help in describing the story of… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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