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[. . .] The cost effective method to store and shorter lead time to retrieve customer records will enable the organization to focus on speedy delivery of services. The cost efficiency and improved quality of services enables an organization to become competitive and as a result gain increased market share.

The external environmental forces are instigators of uncertainty in the business environment and as a result the impact of uncertainty can raise a purchase decision. The changes in one of the external economic environment can create opportunities and threats for a business. The changes in technological environment of a business can lead to purchase computing software and equipment. The developments in computer technology and usage of internet to link various devices enable the business to develop a centralized database for its clients and use already stored information. It can not only reduce the cost of customer service but at the same time allow the organization to develop its relationships with the customers (Pride, & Ferrell, 2010). The purchase decision also enables the organizations to achieve their objectives and goals. The impact of internal and external environmental factors on a purchase can be observed through organizational performance. The evaluation of purchase decision is also performed prior to taking such decisions. It includes the value evaluation and cost benefit analysis of the decision.

Organizational goals:

The aims and objectives of an organization provide the ground for taking a capital investment decision similar to the ABC's decision of software purchase. Thevision and mission of business is accomplished through establishment of objectives and goals of an organization. The goals of an organization are consistent with the policy and as result they are setup to achive results. The goals of the agency are to provide medical and allied health education to their staff members, provide community services, and reduce the cost of operations. Additionally the business is also willing to increase leadership effectiveness and clinical research.

Patient care:

The software aided patient records management system enables the business to increase patient care. The records of patients are kept to maintain history and utilize this information upon requirement. The patients of agency are provided prompt services in case they are already registered in the system. The level of patient care protocols is also raised and satisfaction level for patients is also increased through these effective measures. The software allows the agency to share patient history and records internally to allow the consultants to suggest batter alternatives and diagnosis. The organizational goals of increasing patient care are fulfilled through implementation of computer-based software system in operations (Rummler, & Brache,2012).

Medical and allied health education:

The medical education and information update is the key to success in any medical services agency. The level of training and education for staff members is an added advantage to increase the service quality. The sharing of patient information and history with respect to diagnosis enhances the understanding of staff members regarding repeated patients and provides them a relevant background. The sharing of information within and outside the organizational paradigm allows the business to increase awareness and medical knowledge of their staff members. The consultants, physicians, nurses, medical attendants, and front line management staff are benefited through the accomplishment of management goals for increasing the level of education and training through software implementation.

Community service:

The overall objective of the organization to serve the larger interests of community and humanity can also be achieved through developing a quality oriented system. The improved quality of services and shorter lead time will allow the business to expand their operations and increase community reach. The business development and marketing of the quality services is also achieved through offering a competitive healthcare option for patients (Kotler, 2009). The community initiatives can also be taken in case of any emergency and environmental requirement. The patients with records in the database can be reached through their contact details and provided necessary healthcare services in such cases.

Cost containment:

The cost of operation is reduced through various technology initiatives. It is also observed that the human resources and time required to manually perform operation is reduced through deployment of computer-based software aided solutions. The technology is providing various alternatives to traditional approach in operations. The database systems and patient records systems also allow the business to offer patient care services on reduced cost. The economic conditions and healthcare cost is increasing as a result the operations cost is also affected. The software system can also help in reducing the cost of operations and allow the management to achieve the objectives of competitiveness. The capital expenditure of $6,000 will serve the management goals over an extensive period of time.

Leadership role:

The role of leadership and providing valuable system to work for the growth and achievement of objectives is enabled through the capital investment decision. The business can gain competitive advantage of gaining a leadership role in healthcare business. The services provided by the organization are advertised and customers are also satisfied with the performance. The software aided operations and interconnectivity of business operations enables management to assume a leadership role within the industry.

Clinical research:

The software allows the agency to keep record of the patient history and it can also be retrieved later for providing the essential services. One of the notable advantages of working with the software-based system is that it enables the organization to perform qualitative and quantitative research. It also helps the practitioners to perform clinical research and share their findings among professionals within the agency. The management aims to establish a feature to facilitate the physicians and consultants to carry out clinical research will also be supported through implementing software in the agency. The achievement for objectives of management is facilitated through software capital investment.

Needs of the organization:

The organizational goals to establish itself as a leading home healthcare services provider within the states of its operations require certain advancements in the operations. The existing system of manual operations and patients record handling cannot provide the required ground for growth. Knowingly that technology is integrated with business operations and as a result the processes are modernized. The management has to decide about the steps that can lead the agency towards desired goals and objectives. The business can benefit from the management vision and mission through deploying modern strategies for its operations (Brown, Bessant, & Lamming, 2013). The opportunities for growth and potential market expansion should also be researched prior to taking an investment decision.

The current status of small sized home healthcare agency can be replaced with a progressive growth oriented organization with operations in various states through acquiring computer systems to support operations. The advantages of using computers and software to perform operations are denoted as cost reduction, operation facilitation, and efficacy in services. The management goals to provide cost efficient services in effective and reduced time are achieved through deployment of software systems. The organization can also benefit from achieving the additional goals set by the management. These goals include the competitive cost of provided services, improving operations quality, customer satisfaction, and increasing education for the staff members.

Justify the expense acquisition:

According to Tidd, andBessant (2011) the development of goals and objectives to achieve a higher market position is achieved through acquisition of technology solutions. It is also noted that the business operating in highly competitive markets require sophisticated techniques to facilitate their growth. The decision of management to acquire software and facilitate their patient records to be stored in database that can be retrieved within short time provides a competitive advantage. The cost is reduced to manage manual record keeping. The sharing of information across network allows the agency to seek expert opinion within no time. The improved quality of healthcare services for patients and recued cost can help the business achieve its objectives.

The reasons for agency to adopt technological solution are aligned with its vision and mission. Similarly the business objectives of attaining growth potential in the market through quality and affordability of services are also achievable through implementing the recommended solution. The justification of capital investment is also concluded through developing a report for cost benefit analysis. The objectives for high business growth and satisfied customers contributing towards business expansion over the years are in line with the acquisition proposal.


The external market factors as well as internal market factors provide a legitimate ground for the company to seek technological support. The acquisition of software is a process that includes internal assessment of business requirements and analyzing them in accordance with the external factors that influence overall industry. The competitive business advantage can be obtained through deployment of software and computer-based solutions. It provides the grounds for reducing cost and increasing operational efficacy. The businesses mission and vision provides the ground for setting up its objectives. The small to medium sized enterprises can also attain excellence in its operations and expand their potential through using sophisticated techniques. The computer-based software acquisition can be analyzed… [END OF PREVIEW]

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