Home Depot Long-Term Objectives Thesis

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Home Depot Long-Term Objectives

Home Depot Financials

In a December 2008 Fortune 300 report on 'Home Depot' it is stated that while "...new CEO Frank Blake took the helm early last year, but sales still slid nearly 7%. " (Fortune 500, Dec. 2008) the following lists the financials for Home Depot for 2007:

Home Depot Financials % change in U.S.$millions from 2006 to 2007 millions change from 2006




Stockholders' equity

Market value (3/28/2008)

Profits as % of Profits as % of Revenues


Stockholders' equity

Earnings per share (EPS)

Earnings per share

2007 $ change from 2006

1997-2007 annual growth rate %

Total Return to Investors

Total return to investors

1997-2007 annual rate

Source: Fortune 500 (2007)

Figure 5: Industry - Special Retailers (Top 3)



500 rank


($ millions)

Home Depot

Costco Wholesale


Source: Fortune 500 (2007)


Long-Term objectives stated by Home Depot include those as follows:

Develop and maintain a global presence;

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Long-Term Incentives: Home Depot states that it delivers "...long-term incentives typically in the form of a cash-based LTIP, shares of restricted stock, deferred shares or deferred stock units stock options, performance shares and performance vested options.

Thesis on Home Depot Long-Term Objectives Assignment

Equity grants may also be made to newly hired executive officers outside of our annual grant process, upon commencement of employment and, on occasion to executive officers in connection with a significant change in job responsibility." (2008) Stated is that awards, "payable in cash at the end of the performance period" is used as a measure of long-term financial performance to provide continuing emphasis on specified financial performance goals as these are "important contributors to long-term share holder value." (Home Depot, 2008) Revilement was made to the LTIP program for Fiscal 2007 in that the LTIP program added a return on invested capital (ROIC) performance goal with the REVISED LTIP payout being equally weighted to the achievement of the EPS and ROIC performance goals." (Home Depot, 2008) Stated as the reason for this decision to "include ROIC as an addition performance measure was based on..." The desire to "focus management on the efficient use of capital." (Home Depot, 2008)


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