Homeland Security Principles of Emergency Management Term Paper

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Homeland Security -- Principles of Emergency Management:

In the past few years, terrorist attacks on the West have been carried out by different terrorist organizations i.e. The sleeper cells and the hit squad. Unlike hit squads that penetrate into their target countries shortly before the attack, sleeper cells are terrorist groups that are in place and ready to act. In most cases, these terrorist groups are normally ready and trained to conduct their activities at designated times and places. Moreover, these groups are freely organized and easily integrate into communities through lawful employment.

Terrorist Invasion in America:

The most significant terrorism attacks in the United States by Islamic terror groups did not necessarily involve sleeper cells but rather foreign terrorists (Pike, 2011). These terrorists from abroad have mission specific objectives and deploy aliens, assemble overseas, and enter their target through fraudulent visas. The 9/11 terror attacks were not carried out by sleeper cells though it involved foreigners who had infiltrated the country. The success of the hit squad that conducted the 9/11 terrorist attacks is largely attributed to the fact that such groups are normally effectively invisible until it's very late.

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However, before these attacks, the country's National Security Advisor had mentioned that there was a possibility of the existence of Al Qaeda sleeper cells in the United States. Furthermore, the United States Department of Justice was largely concerned regarding the likelihood of extra terrorist attacks. Consequently, the Federal Bureau of Investigation focused on shutting down the ability of any sleeper cells to carry out another wave of terror attacks. Since then, one of the major focuses of the country has been to counter any threats post by terrorists through all means including identifying and destroying sleeper cells. These efforts include tracing their communications, tracking their movements, and disrupting their funding.

TOPIC: Term Paper on Homeland Security Principles of Emergency Management Assignment

America's Vulnerability to Terrorist Invasion by Sleeper Cells:

In light of the current economic, politics, and military issues within the United States, the country is more vulnerable to terrorist invasion by sleeper cells. Many security and intelligence officials are increasingly concerned about the likely presence of sleeper cells in America's home soil. In addition to causing mass casualties, members of these terrorist groups are focusing on causing political and economic disruption to the United States. According to reports from intelligence and law-enforcement officials, sleeper cells exist because of the transportation of Islamic extremists through Europe to Muslim communities in America ("Islamic Extremists Invade U.S.," 2004).

Sleeper cells from the Al Qaeda terrorist group are believed to have their operation bases in approximately 40 states. The sleeper cells have found their access to the United States through the use of Muslim communities as cover, means of funding, and recruitment. Currently, it's believed that the sleeper cells are waiting for orders and funding to carry out their terrorist attacks.

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