Homeland Security and U.S. Intelligence Research Paper

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Furthermore, where CIA was responsible for Inland and across the border security measures, the span of authorities was rather limited. Resultant was a formation of department of Homeland Security. It was a single department with a unified leadership and extremely diverse responsibilities and authorities. The slogan behind formation of DHS was "one fight, one team" which was suggested in 9/11 commission report

The basic objective behind restructuring various government agencies was to establish a department which could:

have access to unified intelligence which would used for operational planning against factors causing security threats such as Islamic extremists, act as a centre of counterterrorism activities nationally have all sources of intelligence or intelligence community reporting to one line of command and has a unified leadership of National Intelligence Director

provide a single platform to all the elements who are contributors to measures against terrorism threats prevailing in United States,

provide a single platform to all the knowledge bearers in a network-based information sharing system that transcends traditional governmental boundaries;

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allow congress to oversee the operations of a single departments instead of various agencies performing different operations with similar motives allow national security agencies like FBI and LPAD to strengthen their efforts against terrorist threats.

Research Paper on Homeland Security and U.S. Intelligence Assignment

The department was set up with the intent that a department with a greater span of operations spread globally, which can have authorities to watch over and protect American interest by undertaking the responsibility of securing lives, assets, and sovereignty of United States. The precise definition of Department of Homeland Security A department which could have had access to information acquired from inside and outside United States, assimilated at one hub and readily available for analysis by the specialized professionals with diverse background.

Effectiveness of DHS

Since its inception, the DHS has been carrying out its broad ranging activities worldwide. Where the individual security agencies were provided with their distinct roles earlier, DHS has been assigned with multiple responsibilities of mitigating terrestrial, maritime, and other inland threats by extending its operations across the borders. This department has been forming strategic alliances with the governments all across the world and has been strengthening ties with them in terms of security enhancements. The report submitted by DHS in 2010 shows its wide range of activities which it has undertaken in veracious countries globally

The department has been setting up its surveillance units all across the world with the intent of keeping the activities of extremists monitored and developing relationships between the events that have been taking place at global scale. Furthermore, it has been forming liaison with the security agencies and ministries of other countries like Japan, Nigerian Germany etc. This strategic alliance not only allows the flow of specialized expertise within the defense departments of these countries but also allows United States to have an access to biometric data which would have been highly difficult to obtain in the absence of DHS.

Furthermore, DHS has also been entering into contracts with the Ministries of Defense of other countries which makes the strategic partners to join hands in scientific research and development in combating the security threats. It is important to note that security threats are major concerns of many countries across the world and their concern is similar to Unites States'. Therefore, combined security practices, and a unified network which allows United States an access to intelligence available all across the globe, are the tedious tasks undertaken by Department of Homeland Security in past ten years.

Importance of Intelligence & Analysts

The last decade performance of DHS has resulted into significant outcomes. Elimination of major network of Islamic extremists from Afghanistan, Northern Areas of Pakistan, Iraq and other parts of the world, extermination of Osama Bin Laden along with other major leaders of Al-Qaeda and Saddam Hussain In Iraq are some of the major accomplishments of DHS. Where the major operation was conducted by the Military forces of United States, they were fully backed up by the timely and accurate information provided by DHS.

United States has spent over a decade on eliminating and weakening Al-Qaeda's network. And, due to the global network of DHS which allowed the security agencies to have a strong surveillance web all across the globe, the mobilization of terrorists, formulation of attacks' plans and precise location of these terrorists' elements was possible to be determined. It was the unified effort from multidimensional units of DHS and its broad ranging activities which helped in establishing relationship between extremists' activities through the world and ultimately resulted in removal of chain of command of terrorists' bands.

In addition to A-Qaeda and Saddam Hussain along with his allies, DHS has also provided necessary information to the ministry of defense regarding the other Islamic extremists. As a result of which, various extremist personalities have been banned from entering into United States and various groups like Lakshar-e-Jhangvi in Pakistan, have been made crippled by depriving them of any financial resources and liberty to have access to other assets. Not to forget, it is DHS timely information which has enabled Congress to have substantial political relationships with the governments of other countries. Hence, right information at the right time by DHS has changed the landscape of security measures globally. Now, United States security is not just dependent on the information provided by in-land agencies. It has access to information from all the global resources which has been transformed into valuable intelligence with the help of DHS specialized analysts

After the formulation of DHS, there was a lack of coherence between the agencies that were now operating from a single platform. Although the Director of National Intelligence was vested with the leadership of many these departments, there was a clear absence of authority which made the basic objective of formation of DHS difficult to achieve. As a result of efforts of DNI, Director of National Intelligence was given further authorities to support the wide range of responsibilities and was further provided with clearer guidelines. This extension of authorities continued till 2007 which resulted in clarity in terms of budgetary controls, personnel appointment and transfer, assets acquisition, reprogramming and tasking authority. This expansion in authorities made the organizational structure of DHS more efficient

Where DHS has managed to perform the roles assigned to it, one cannot ignore the importance of analysts present at its portfolio. The major strength of DHS is undoubtedly its vast range of information collecting agents however this information collection would have been futile in the absence of specialized and skilled analysts from different backgrounds and rich experiences. The analysts who were earlier working for individual organizations were gathered at one platform because of the formation of DHS and due to diverse range of analytical skills and tools available to it, the mere information transformed into intelligence which helped the law enforcing organizations deal with the security threats

It is also important to note that formation of a single body was not a new idea which suddenly emerged as a result of terrorists attacks on 9/11. It was a suggestion provided by many intelligence analysts and defense analysis experts for in 90s decade. There have been various researches and case studies which have indicated a need for formation of a single department with broader range of authorities and responsibilities for dealing with security threats at national and international level

Considering the performance of DHS in the last decade, it is evident that DHS has acted as a source of intelligence which has resulted in the elimination of many security threats at national as well as international level. A world wide terrorist network has been weakening by the consolidated efforts of various units operating under the roof of this one organization.

3. Research Methodology

Research Objective

The main objective of this research is to evaluate if the formation of department homeland security has so far served its purpose and also if the intelligence information provided by it, has and will help in dealing with the threat of terrorism.

Where the war against terrorism has been a centre of attention of many security agencies and ministries of defense throughout the world, United States government has moved one step forward by establishing a unified department which is serving a purpose of intelligence hub. Since intelligence is a key weapon in the battle against terrorism, it is important that it is accurate, reliable, obtained from all the sources and timely. Here, arises a need to evaluate if DHS has a potential of combating the threat of terrorism globally by acting as an organization with a single-hand intelligence. Therefore, the research subject entails a thorough analysis of current activities of DHS banks related to the security against terrorism. To be more precise, the research objective is to evaluate the effectiveness of operations of DHS and its leadership investigate if DHS has a potential of dealing with terrorists' threats in the future

Examine if DHS has an effective network which would allow it to deal with… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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